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September 2, 2012
I am a big Walking Dead on AMC fan and my favorite character was Shane Walsh played by Jon Bernthal.. This stars the actor in a very different role..(yeah that's him in the middle on the front cover...looks very different than Shane) overall this movie is crap.. however i did laugh at Mr. Bernthal being a goof..
April 1, 2008
Doesn't look like something I have any interest in watching.
½ March 17, 2008
San Ber-NA-dee-O's in the house! Ok, this was a lame parody but it had its moments. The stereotypes abound in this spoof on the "club scene" in downtown 'Bernadino. Definitely geared towards young adults, yet older teens and more mature adults will find parts of it funny. I question whether this one should have made it to the big screen or went straight to dvd. I found it hard to believe that the lead was underage and went through so much to get a fake ID-he looked like he was 35! I think, with a more powerful lead, this may have ended up a more effective comedy. Another example of where bad casting ruins a film (and this one didn't have much to spare!). The stereotypes are funny, with a "Spicoli" surfer character who was a dead ringer for young Sean Penn in looks but updated with a lame club theme and bad acting, and a young "Ludacris" look-a-like who lacked any rhythm whatsoever. It doesn't really stand out from the string of lame comedies other than some really outrageous stereotypes that are a bit novel and the only reason I gave it the rating I did. I admit I did laugh a few times, especially at the pushy side-kick who is always getting his friend in trouble. Even if you are not a club frequenter, you will relate to the obnoxious caricatures in the film-we all know these people and hope you aren't one of them!

You will be really pissed off if you pay full price for this one. If you like this type of film, or are in your late teens, go to the matinee. The rest of you may want to catch it on dvd, it's not that memorable.
March 8, 2008
It's a good movie if you don't mind run of the mill teen comedies that make fun of teen comedies. This movie knows that it's bad, but not really in a good way.
March 6, 2008
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Cool movie... very, very original...could be out there for some if they never partied...

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