Baran Reviews

October 24, 2002
This rather superficial arthouse middle-brow film knows how to please a crowd, and that's about all it does well.
June 21, 2002
A tale of unrequited love and a young woman's courage to make a place for herself in a man's world, but this is much more than just 'Yentl' goes to the Middle East.
June 15, 2002
April 30, 2002
Majidi's portrait of southwest Asian poverty is bloodless and fastidiously arranged, his regard for his thin characters negligible.
February 17, 2002
A high-minded snoozer.
February 4, 2002
A well-crafted letdown.
January 7, 2002
Sweet and slow like Majidi's earlier "Children of Heaven" (which I loved), but not quite as compelling.