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December 26, 2003
Basically, it's The Big Chill, but more full of itself and not as entertaining.
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December 19, 2003
It's quite depressing to find that these self-absorbed people haven't really changed, that they still pontificate about their left-leaning politics, still offer unsolicited advice, still brag about their sex lives and still have a superior edge.
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December 28, 2003
I think before this filmmaker casts his barbarian stones, he should look at himself.
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April 6, 2004
And underwhelming is any film that uses footage of the attack on the World Trade Center for one of its few emotional jolts.
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November 18, 2003
The dramatic tangle of family in The Barbarian Invasions is reduced to a bizarre cartoon of name-dropping, smug banter, and straggling sex-rev nostalgia.
November 20, 2003
The banter ... is thick enough to rake -- and often way too thick to swallow, even for those who might not mind spending a couple hours with a bunch of baby boomers wasting their time by sorting through wasted time in the past.
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September 30, 2004
...jerkily paced, dramatically obvious, and seems penned by a self-serious 16-year-old
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February 27, 2004
...The speeches are so deadening, I thought the projectionist had slipped in the last reel of a John Sayles picture.
October 14, 2003
Privileged audiences that swooned for Decline of the American Empire should expect more of the same oh-so-witty jibber-jabber and specious political "noise" exchanged between Arcand's motley intellectuals.
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January 13, 2004
If there's anything less appealing than movies about gradual death, it's movies where various characters' dialogue is spent espousing a filmmaker's philosophy.
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January 11, 2004
[I] felt it was trying to do too much with what looked increasingly like a fantasy premise.
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February 27, 2004
Terribly long-winded and uninspiring.
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November 21, 2003
Schmaltzy and contrived.
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November 20, 2003
A bit too neat and calculated to make the emotions ring really true.
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September 15, 2003
The only thing that separates Invasions from vile tripe like Stepmom and Sweet November is the language its mawkish characters spew.
| Original Score: 4/10
November 19, 2003
I kept wondering how Arcand could have chosen as his generational representative a man not just flawed in his hedonism but one so fundamentally lacking in tenderness for others.
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November 21, 2003
Death has no sting here.
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November 21, 2003
Visually 'The Barbarian Invasions' has a nice surface, but the more one listens to it the more ephemeral and inconsequential it becomes.
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November 29, 2003
French-Canadian director Denys Arcand revisits the aging intellectuals from The Decline of the American Empire -- and they might be interesting, if they'd ever shut up.
December 26, 2003
Arcand dearly likes his characters, but here's another movie cancer death nearly devoid of mess and stress, with available heroin and a lovably comforting sunset.
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