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½ May 11, 2014
Lame sequel to a movie that didn't need one. Just another attempt by studios to cash in.
January 2, 2014
Abrupt ending (13) OWN DVD
½ December 30, 2013
It's kinda alright? That young Keke Palmer in that small role she acted so great in that small role.
November 12, 2013
Ehhhh boy ! J'ai même pas réalisé que c'était la fin jusqu'à temps que le générique apparaisse ! Mais bon, j'admets avoir été contente que ça aille été terminé.
Super Reviewer
July 24, 2013
It may not be as hearty as the first but the film is still good regardless. Barbershop 2: Back in Business brings even more humor and melodrama to keep audiences entertained and happy about their experience. 4/5
April 15, 2013
Solid characters and a witty script make this a worthy watch.
January 22, 2013
I'm glad they kept it in the Barbershop. Going elsewhere with the characters would've been a slap in the face to the original.
January 22, 2013
More of the same, but a notch lower than before. Anthony Anderson is well missed.
½ December 12, 2012
Desperately wanted to be as good as the first one.
October 31, 2012
Not as funny as the first, and for comedies, that's not a good sign.
½ September 13, 2012
black owned still in business
September 10, 2012
Wow a sequel that is actually better than the original--I loved it!
August 26, 2012
I have seen the first one various times, but I think I had just caught on to this one by watching it over and over again on showtime and HBO and eventually knew all the lines. I enjoyed it, and the cast really made it worthwhile. I found it for a couple bucks and said why not? It's certainly worth a watch if you like the family oriented comedies.
½ July 23, 2012
Liked it. Very funny!
July 12, 2012
ilove this miovie lol tiara mack
July 5, 2012
Very funny... TERRI AND RICKY!
June 29, 2012
lol luks funni lol plus it got ice cube lol
½ June 14, 2012
really funny and good
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