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October 10, 2015
Amazing and fun fir the whole family
September 5, 2015
Mika thinks is good
March 26, 2015
Barbie plays a mermaid princess that is kidnapped and raised by a witch mermaid. Eventually she figures out what has happened and of course helps save the kingdom from bad guys.
It isn't a bad movie and teaches kids some good lessons. The animation is alright but it really isn't anything amazing.
October 12, 2014
I loved it it is about mermaids and I love mermaids!
½ October 25, 2013
You don't know how many times I was forced to sit through this on long car rides when my sister was younger.
July 22, 2013
love it want to see it again
July 16, 2013
this was a good show
½ November 18, 2012
This wasn't good. It just wasn't. I could not get into the story.
July 30, 2012
Good for little girls, had to watch with my little cousins
April 7, 2012
this one was very cute
½ December 31, 2011
this was alright. I wasn't too fond of it when I first saw when it came out years ago. I felt the mermaid girl was too bitchy and nasty to Elina so wasn't too fond of it because of that, but still has wonderful animation and I simply adore the kind and brave Elina!
September 7, 2010
good movie i love the underwater world.
March 4, 2010
direct to video crap
½ September 28, 2009
Nori and Delphine were engaging characters, the idea of magic sea fruit was neat, and Laverna's outbursts made a big splash: 'I do something very special for my Fungi when they're concerned...I hang them by their toes and feed them to the firebirds!'
½ September 27, 2009
.....mermaids...?like itr....
½ September 20, 2009
Since this is the first Barbie movie I've seen, it felt as if Barbie was "real" and given a break on her acting career.
June 26, 2009
none of those are even real words
May 9, 2009
My thrid favorite barbie movie


May 2, 2009
Bibble is sooo cute!
February 10, 2009
are we serious here?
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