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½ January 17, 2015
A film that is difficult to endure but well worth your effort!
½ March 9, 2014
It doesn't pack quite the same blunt punch as the first film, but neither is it as dark and gloomy. Barefoot Gen 2 is a suitable followup on Gen's continued struggles following the bombing of Hiroshima.
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July 21, 2012
It's easy to get skeptical about this sequel considering the first film's narrative seemed to tie itself up pretty tightly. This sequel to the masterpiece anti-war story based off the semi-autobiographical manga about the Hiroshima bombing could have easily have been a cheap cash-in, but thankfully this is far from the case.

Taking place three years after the fateful bombing, the film follows Gen as he bonds with a group of orphans while still dealing the lingering effects of the bombings aftermath. Not only does it show the lingering effects of the bombs damage but the long-term effects on the lives of the Hiroshima population. Hiroshima still remains a desolate desert-like landscape but the film shows the slow signs of recovery throughout. One of the most prominent theme of the film is moving on but never forgetting the past. This theme is displayed masterfully throughout by portraying the still visible reminders of that fateful day on August 6th 1945.

One of the most biggest improvements this film has over it's predecessor is the animation. Released three years after the first film, the animation is a lot more crisp and clean. Plus the story is more smooth than the original, with scenes seeming less episodic in nature than the first.

The story told in the sequel offers a meaningful continuation of the first film, showing Gen's hardships in earning daily food to keep his family alive while his mother begins to slowly succumb to radiation poisoning. 'Barefoot Gen 2' pulls it's own set of emotional punches but doesn't nearly reach the emotional heights of the first film.

Watching the original 'Barefoot Gen' is strongly advised since the story builds upon the events of the first.

A high quality sequel that makes for a great companion to the original.
April 16, 2012
The 1st Barefoot Gen movie was a powerful anti-war movie that showed the horrifying immediate aftermath of what happened after the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima as seen through the eyes of a little boy who had lost most of his family. The 2nd Barefoot Gen movie focuses on the long-term problems that affected the residents of Hiroshima and Gen's adventures with his orphan friends. Some people can argue that a sequel didn't need to have been made in the first place and that the director had gotten his point across in the first movie. Japan was still trying to find it's feet with it's economy weakened and basic supplies were difficult to get hold of for a lot of people. But the worst problem of all was the lingering shadow of radiation poisoning. It's symptoms not showing in some people for many years and for the residents in Hiroshima they were basically under a sentence of death just waiting for the first signs to signal that they would be the next to die. This movie doesn't pack the emotional punch as the first though we do get to see a couple of scenes which shocks us such as when Gen is fishing in a river and unexpectedly discovers the river bed is full of human skulls and also when we see US soldiers digging up a huge mass grave and unceremoniously dumping thousands of skeletons inside it. The tone and atmosphere is so different from the first movie. The intention of the first was to portray hell on earth and to show the viewer what exactly happened in Hiroshima. This movie is more about showing people trying their best to survive under harsh conditions. We get to see their attitudes to those that have been scarred and burnt by the bomb. Gen has also changed from the character we saw before. He's more mature of sorts though still retaining a part of his playful nature. The new characters introduced are likeable. The animation seems to have improved vastly from the first movie, it looks a lot better, detailed and crisp.

I liked this sequel. Whilst it doesn't hit the emotions of the first movie it was better than what I expected so I definitely recommend it. It is still heartbreaking at times but thankfully there's a glimmer of hope at the end.
August 24, 2011
The second one was not as good as the first, but it had a good ending...
July 23, 2011
Barefoot Gen 2 seamlessly continues from the first film. Set three years after the atomic bomb was dropped, Hiroshima is slowly starting to rebuild. Perhaps a sweeter film than the first, Barefoot Gen 2 still shows it's moments of sadness, struggle and pain through the light-hearted stuff. Another enjoyable film.
August 27, 2010
It doesn't have quite the shocking element as the first movie but I guess the story isn't complete without this one.
March 8, 2010
The characters from the first film try to continue their lives as best they can. It's (inevitably) not as powerful as the first part, but it's still very much worthwhile - though it does retain the terrible score and dated animation style of the original.
August 24, 2009
a brilliant sequel, sad, funny very moving and thought provoking
½ August 3, 2009
The DVD I borrowed from local library had Barefoot Gen and 2 on the same disk.

I liked Barefoot Gen2 better. FYI, there was more plot and narrative to 2, you got see Hiroshima trying to rebuild itself after the devastation of of the atomic bomb attack, three years after the events in the first movie. For example, Gen and Ryuta are going back to school as one would expect for normal children, except their circumstances are far, far from normal. The death of Kimmie, sorry that's a spoiler, is a small scale depiction that radiation exposure has very long term effects resulting in mortality.

To follow up on my first review, powerful illustration of the devastation of war, based on Nakazawa's actual eyewitness.
½ June 6, 2009
why did they include both movies on the DVD. of course i am going to watch the second one after viewing the awesome power of the first. unfortunately, its not very good...at all. the story is not very compelling and is dare i say cutesy. i guess i was hoping for more sadness and tragedy but then again, gen's mother dies so that is pretty depressing. still, this has the feel of being unecessary
April 13, 2009
The story continues as well as the first one.
March 7, 2009
omg i so want to watch this i love the first one and always wondered what would happen
March 5, 2009
While the quality of the animation improves upon the original, this sequel does not have as compelling a story (but, given that the last movie was about the bombing of Hiroshima, how could it?). This time the story deals with Gen's encounters with a group of homeless orphans living in the ruins of Hiroshima, and with Gen's mother's battle with cancer. Just like the first film, this movie has some incredibly depressing events, but somehow manages to end on a positive note. Not as good as the original, but still a humane and unusual anime film.
½ December 8, 2008
A vastly inferior and incredibly unnecessary sequel, but far from a bad film on it's own terms. It's watchable and has some lovely poignant little moments and characters, but a lot of it (mostly the group of pick pocket children) just seems a tad out of place.

Personal enjoyment: 6/10
Actual quality as a film: 7/10
November 13, 2008
So, Gen is supposed to be 9 years old but he sounds like he's 17. Did the radiation mutate his vocal chords? Story is boring, and scenes don't flow well.
½ September 16, 2008
Barefoot Gen 2 is based on Keiji Nazakawa's manga memoirs of his childhood in Hiroshima, but with its emphasis shifting from the incomprehensible atomic holocaust of 1945 to the early years of the city's reconstruction
June 9, 2008
This is more like a series of short stories following Gen's misadventures in post-war Hiroshima, rather than a cohesive sequel. Given the epic manga on which it is based, I can't help but feel they could have made a better follow-up movie.
February 9, 2008
Gen really starts to look like the kid in Grave of the Fireflies. I'm not familiar with this story since it is 3 years later but there are some scenes that were familiar in the book. Some of the events are different than what was in the book.
January 5, 2008
The continued journey of gen in the war torn society and the hardship's faced by all to survive.
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