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Barnyard Quotes

  • Mrs. Beady: There is a cow outside.

  • Mrs. Beady: Don't think I can't call again, Gary!

  • Eddy the Cow: We're gonna die!

  • Eddy the Cow: Mommy! MOO-mmy! [Cries]

  • Mr. Beady: Cows don't like houses much.

  • Dag the Coyote: [After Otis throws him into a chair] Kill him!

  • Etta the Hen: [When Otis comes to the rescue] Otis!

  • Dag the Coyote: This one's mine. Cook her while I have the little one for an appetizer. You know, because I'm a meaner!

  • Dag the Coyote: It'll be our little secret!

  • Snotty Boy: [Upon seeing the cows on two legs and talking to him] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  • Snotty Boy: You've come to the wrong place.

  • Snotty Boy: I do what I want when I want 'cause I wanna do it!

  • Otis the Cow: You could have killed him!

  • Dag the Coyote: [Upon seeing Pig, Freddy, Pip, Peck, and Miles] Ha ha ha. That's your army?

  • Pig the Pig: Hey!
    Pip the Mouse: Sorry, man! They're just pellets! I'm nervous!

  • Dag the Coyote: [Growls]

  • Eddy the Cow: Here we come!

  • Otis the Cow: [To Dag, when a car noise is heard] Somethin' tells me you may wanna take a couple steps back.

  • Otis the Cow: [Repeated line] Whoo-hoo!

  • Otis the Cow: [Upon seeing the coyotes chasing a rabbit] Grrr...

  • Dag the Coyote: See ya 'round. [Laughs] "Round!" You're fat! [Laughs]
    Dag the Coyote: See ya 'round. [Laughs] 'Round!' You're fat! [Laughs]

  • Dag the Coyote: A few animals missing here and there. Hey, it's the natural order of things.

  • Dag the Coyote: [Howling]

  • Otis the Cow: [After trying and failing to punch Dag] Never... come... back!

  • Dag the Coyote: There's 6 of us... and only one old fat you! [Points at Ben]

  • Dag the Coyote: Ben! How are you, Ben? We would've said hello had we seen ya.
    Ben the Cow: Put the hen down, Dag.
    Dag the Coyote: Sure, Ben. Whatever you say. We're just doin' a little courtin', that's all. You know how much we like the hens. [Chuckles evilly] You know me, lady killer.

  • Etta the Hen: [To Dag] You won't be taking any hens tonight.

  • Otis the Cow: This is bad.

  • Pip the Mouse: i got a pulse!
    Pip the Mouse: I got a pulse!

  • Otis the Cow: [After Miles knocks out the farmer] What did you do that for?!
    Miles the Mule: What else was I gonna do? He saw you!
    Otis the Cow: You could've killed him!

  • Miles the Mule: Unless you give him a blindfold, I'm gonna kick him.

  • Otis the Cow: Uh... moo?

  • Otis the Cow: let's go.
    Otis the Cow: Let's go.

  • Otis the Cow: Stay here, Pip.

  • Pip the Mouse: I'm going, too.

  • Otis the Cow: [Before heading off to defeat Dag] I'll be back.

  • Miles the Mule: Be proud to.

  • Otis the Cow: You look after things?
    Miles the Mule: Be proud to.

  • Otis the Cow: Put the chick down, Dag.

  • Otis the Cow: That's called BOY tipping! Ha-ha-ha!

  • Snotty Boy's Father: Okay, no more Red Bull.

  • Snotty Boy: That's called cow tipping. [Showing the cow his buttcrack] Ha ha ha!

  • Otis the Cow: Remember me? I'm Ben's kid.

  • Otis the Cow: Milk me!

  • Otis the Cow: Defy authority!

  • Dag the Coyote: Oh, we suddenly got a burst of courage, didn't we?
    Otis the Cow: [Laughing] Okay. All right. Well, first what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take that chick from you. Then while you're picking yourself up off the ground, I'm gonna gather up the hens and I'm gonna leave!
    Dag the Coyote: And exactly how do you propose you're going to do that?
    Otis the Cow: [Grabs Dag by the throat and throws him into a chair]
    Dag the Coyote: [Enraged; pointing at Otis] KILL HIM!

  • Mrs. Beady: Randall! There is a cow outside!
    Mr. Beady: This is a cow farm. You're gonna find cows outside!

  • Dag the Coyote: You have us at a bit of a disadvantage here, Ben. There's six of us, and only one, old fat you!
    Dag the Coyote: You have us at a bit of a disadvantage here, Ben. There's six of us, and only one old, fat you.

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