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½ June 3, 2008
i actually really liked this movie!! it was very funny!
June 3, 2008
comment passer à côté mdr
½ June 3, 2008
How is the cow a guy?! WTF!
½ June 1, 2008
Barnyard seems like it might be fun. Cows acting like humans? Get out! That's hilarious! But really, it's not. It's a one-note premise that falls flat after about 10 minutes.
June 1, 2008
i love it. if i seen a cow dancing and singing i wouldnt know what to do with myself
May 31, 2008
saw only a little bit of it on t.v.
May 30, 2008
barnyard wow.... this is just good.......liked it alot
½ May 29, 2008
Oh it's bad; so, so, so, so, so bad... Why do the male cows have udders? That's not funny. That's just stupid.
½ May 27, 2008
Absolutely hysterical, even for an adult!!!
½ May 26, 2008
Ok for kids.... shame about the udders on the males!
May 25, 2008
Really good film with good laughs and characters. Great looking aswell
½ May 24, 2008
I expected more from it - it was cute and funny at times, but the TV show is actually much better.
May 23, 2008
A fun movie, I love 'em cows. Though some cows are male, which was kinda strange. The plot was quite typical though.
May 22, 2008
** This Movie Is A Very Good Cartoon Movie!!
I Usually Don't Like Cartoon Movies, Or Shows, But This One I Very Well Made!!!!!! And The MuSic Is Also Very Good In This Movie!!!!!! **
May 21, 2008
Best animation I've seen in a while!
May 19, 2008
freaking give me a good movie to rate
May 19, 2008
A different cartoon, talking animals are not new to the cartoon genre, but this is different, it tells the tale of a leader cow and his not so responsible son that has to live up to others espectations.
½ May 18, 2008
As a graphic designer... I'm embarrassed for the animators of this film. When you design something the main part of it is research research research. When in the world have male cows produce milk and have udders? But I must say it is a funny movie.
May 12, 2008
Get past the sometimes blocky animation, childishly predictable jokes, and downright silliness (i.e. singing before a fight), and you'll find a suprisingly adult story with a dark edge thanks to a great psychological villain (just one of many elements similiar to The Lion King). The unconventional love interest (a pregnant widow) is also a refreshing twist within today's myriad of children's CGI animations.
Super Reviewer
May 11, 2008
This was a fun idea and a very good movie. me and my daughter laughed the whole way through. Now of course the biggest problem with the movie is the fact that Otis a male COW. . yeah ..
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