Barry Munday Reviews

January 30, 2012
D'Arienzo's screenplay and direction goes for a cross between naturalism and absurdity, but it's largely a queasy, oil-and-water blend.
December 29, 2010
An oddball feature lacking a fine point to tie it all together, but it spotlights a cast game to try something new for a change, committing to the aimlessness with endearing slack-jawed concentration.
October 4, 2010
Barry remains immature in serious situations like a doctors office. He does follow a respectable character arc, never sacrificing humor to learn his lessons.
October 4, 2010
It trades schmaltz for honesty and receives heaps of laughs as its reward.
October 4, 2010
[Transcends] a familiar plot with sharp dialogue and awkward grace.
October 2, 2010
A deeply off-putting independent comedy.
October 1, 2010
With characters this grating, one wonders how much better Barry Munday might have been had all these good performers just acted normal
September 30, 2010
D'Arienzo's love of trite indie-movie signposts of comic quirkiness -- deadpan delivery, overly formal camerawork, characters delivering dialogue into the camera, stunt casting -- is ultimately regrettable.
September 30, 2010
This sluggishly paced quirkfest is awfully sophomoric for a film all about giving up the facile thrills of youth for the responsibilities of adulthood.
September 30, 2010
Just what we need, another self-consciously quirky indie comedy as low on laughs as it is on inspiration.
September 30, 2010
A dreadfully unfunny slog through contemporary dysfunctional family indie clich.
September 28, 2010
Barry Munday is strange and offbeat, and even a little honest and heartfelt.
September 23, 2010
You watch it, you shrug, you go about your day.
August 25, 2010
Manages to be both funny and touching when it doesn't seem capable of either.