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½ September 25, 2012
Absolutely loved it. "Bass Ackwards" is a solid addition to the realist genre, fitting well with slower paced films like "Man Push Cart" and "Old Joy". The film is a road movie of sorts, following a late 20 year old who just can't get his life off the ground. After a rough patch, including a break up with an already married girlfriend, Linas decides to head back east and live with his parents as he rethinks his 'life options'. Like most of the films in its genres , "Bass Ackwards" is not about the end of the journey but rather the journey itself. On his way to Boston Linas encounters a diverse cast of characters whose life has an 'element of broke' just like his own. "Bass Ackwards" is a film that reminds us that life isn't perfect, but that at the endo f the day we have each other and sometimes that's good enough. "Bass Ackwards" is Arpke Approved at 4 1/2 out of 5 stars
November 18, 2011
interesting enigmatic flick that those who appreciate the different and extremely human will apprediate
½ November 16, 2011
Genuine performances here bring out inspiring themes. However, I am not a road trip person. So when a movie like this is 20% "inspiring story" and 80% driving, I have a hard time being satisfied with the hour and a half I spent watching it.
½ May 31, 2011
innovative way to film
Super Reviewer
January 6, 2011
After I watched the whole thing and thinking what just happened it was something else mixed into something else with some special ed class to go with it...
I don't know why but I feel dumber... I wonder how many brain cells did I loose watching this.

"Bass Ackwards." Linas, our hero, has basically gotten kicked out of Seattle. No one there who he thought he was tight with wants him around anymore. He ends up on an alpaca farm to make a few bucks and the owner is glad to give Linas his rattletrap VW microbus, a ridiculous vehicle in any man's motor pool. Linas hits the road.

Linas' parents are glad to hear he's on the way home to where they live in Boston. But you can tell they are dubious over what he's up to. They definitely do not want him as a permanent boarder.

Bottom line, Linas is leaving nowhere and headed nowhere. All that matters is what happens to him along the way. And interesting things happen. He picks up and befriends a guy with heavy marital baggage. He flirts with a girl he does not know is married and ends up in a punch-out. He runs out of gas and has to do a Christopher Walken imitation in Lithuanian to get the gas he needs (I kid you not).

It's not much of a spoiler to say Linas lands in an intriguing place in NYC and we see the beginnings of his new life. In fact, the movie ends abruptly where you are really curious what come next. Nevermind. He'll be OK.

A man coming off a disastrous affair with a married woman has a lyrical, strange and comedic cross-country journey in a modified VW bus.

"Bass Ackwards" is a captivating and consummately human film that reminds us that whatever we think the road is about; the trip is probably about something else. Alternating between scripted action, i... read more mprovisation, and the unpredictable spontaneity of vťritť encounters, the film is the semi-autobiographical story of Linas Phillips, who stars as well as directs. Born of the imagination of Linas and his easy collaboration with old friends, costars, and co-conspirators Davie-Blue, Jim Fletcher, Paul Lazar, and Sean Porter, the film effortlessly and organically crosses the line between reality and fiction, incorporating the people and characters that Linas meets on an unscripted and adventurous ride across America.
½ January 3, 2011
Bass Ackwards has a lot more charm than you‚(TM)d expect from a film with that title. Main character Linas, played by Director Linas Phillips, is somewhat lost in the world ‚" living on a friend‚(TM)s couch in Seattle and filming weddings for cash.

After a devastating break-up with the married woman he‚(TM)s in love with (yikes!) and a boot from his friend, he takes a job on an Alpaca ranch and contemplates suicide. But discovering a still-running VW van in the rancher‚(TM)s garage causes him to form a new plan: take a road trip to Boston and stay with his family to recoup.

Watching Linas encounter several interesting people (I was happy to see one of my favorite character actors, Paul Lazar, in the mix) along the way, forming friendships, and taking time to find himself, is hilarious, charming, touching, and familiar. You can‚(TM)t help but love this guy and root for him ‚" as a director and an actor, he does an impeccable job of blending reality with the script to make you think and to make you care.
½ November 20, 2010
Genuine performances here bring out inspiring themes. However, I am not a road trip person. So when a movie like this is 20% "inspiring story" and 80% driving, I have a hard time being satisfied with the hour and a half I spent watching it.
½ September 14, 2010
I really enjoyed the simplicity of this film. Makes me want to take a road trip and meet all those quirky people that touch your life in some way.
½ September 9, 2010
Genuine performances here bring out inspiring themes. However, I am not a road trip person. So when a movie like this is 20% "inspiring story" and 80% driving, I have a hard time being satisfied with the hour and a half I spent watching it
August 3, 2010
A simple but touching road trip across America in which a young man meets strangers and discovers how easy and essential simple kindness and friendship can be. There are some great supporting roles and performances here, from Jim Fletcher and Paul Lazar in particular, though other individuals have some great moments as well. If you can track this down, watch it!
August 2, 2010
Perhaps I should have stuck with it a bit longer but I just couldn't bare it. Normally this kinda drifty indie flick has me intrigued as to the direction its going and where it will end up. This failed to capture that feeling... got about halfway into it before i called it a day.
July 15, 2010
Beautiful film. Love the cinematography, the story and the music. It was great to sit back and just ride with Linas as he travelled across USA and connected with ordinary strangers. Great reminder of humanity and the humility we can share with one another. Would love the music to be on a soundtrack.
½ July 10, 2010
Loved this little van slice of life picture!!! Linas Phillips is a filmmaker to watch out for!!!
July 7, 2010
"This film is dedicated to everyone learning to love themselves."
Simple, sincere and touching.
½ July 6, 2010
*** (out of four)

Perceptive and intelligent comedy/drama written, directed and acted by Linus Phillips.

Linus plays a man who is stuck in life and feels like there is no avenues left for him. His girlfriend seems like she is staying with her husband and his job outlook is stuck shooting wedding videos and scooping up llama poop. On top of that his friend who he has been staying with kicks him out. Needing a change of scenery he hits the road in a broken down van and heads home to New York. Along the way he meets a variety of interesting people.

The dialogie feels real, almost like watching a documentary and the people he comes in contact are genuinely decent. Though he feels lost, it is interesting to watch his outlook change as he travels the lost highways.
July 5, 2010
Meh.... they really were shoving the indie stereotypes down your throat here. The I didn't really care about the main character. The film would focus more on the scenery than the actual story....if there really even was a story.
½ July 3, 2010
Not bad. Kind of random and strange... but since when are those bad things? Sweet, in its own way.
July 3, 2010
I love road movies. Just love 'em. But not this one. Like many other movies, I had trouble relating to the characters - they just didn't seem very convincing to me. It was slightly uncomfortable and repetitive. I appreciated the cinematography and there were a couple quirky/funny moments, but it's extremely slow for my tastes and has no inner rhythm. I can understand how it feels to be socially awkward and face rejection, but I just couldn't sympathize with the main character.
½ June 12, 2010
fantastic quiet film that says more without shouting..brilliant!
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