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March 12, 2019
Harry Luna
English III

The Batkid documentary was a good film because of how everyone wanted to help in someway. People came from other places to San Francisco just to see Miles in his suit. When the day finally came, the police had to control the people, usually the police always have trouble controlling events likes these because no one would listen. But on that day everyone was listening they wanted to make that day as easy as possible for Miles. All the ÔMissionsÔ? that he did were in controlled areas. One of the first missions that he had was when the riddler trapped someone in the middle of the road. The women that was trapped said she left all her belongings like her purse, cell phone and jacket on the curb. As Miles arrived there were already tons of people there so the woman had thought her stuff would have been taken. But when everyone left to the next location, her stuff was all there. Usually if someone leaves their belongings on the street the chances of someone taking are high. This just shows that everyone was focusing just on Miles and his mission.
On the other hand itÔ(TM)s kinda ridiculous how they had to shut down the whole city just for one person. I understand why because Miles wanted to batman but the amount of traffic that was created on that day. Other people had things to do also jobs to attend and place to be. It also would have been nice if they interview the main star of the documentary Miles.

In my opinion I would give this movie three stars.
½ March 12, 2019
This film was about the make a wish of kid named Miles. Miles wished to be Batman so the people working in make wish decided it would be a fun idea to rent out San Francisco. The movie interviewed the people in the make a wish foundation.

Bat kid was a bad film because of the way they did not interview Miles. The people in charge of the filming department had multiple people interviewed during the film and they didn't get myles to be interviewed. They got his parents to be interviewed but he was never interviewed he could have been interviewed with his parents. Another bad point of the film was how the film interviewed a random kid for like a good 20 minutes. The film had this little boy with his dad talking for like 3 minutes about the BatMan suit he made with his dad, made and how he was happy to give the suit to Miles. While this had a little importance, i feel like that they focused to much on this little kid that had little to no relevance.

The movie focused to much on show everyone's reaction.

I would not recommend this film for other people to watch. I would rate this film 2 stars because of them not interviewing miles. The type of Audience that would watch the film was people that were not in the best mood and wanted something to lift them up out of this angsty feeling.
½ March 12, 2019
I think this movie, Batkid, was great and I would share it to every kid dealing with cancer. The movie is a great way to give back to the kids who lost their childhood to cancer or any other disease that is happening inside their body. It was a good film because it showed that almost anything is possible and also to always has hope.
Make A Wish gives the children something they love and think will never happen and turn it into a reality. The whole Batkid movie was to show that Make A Wish can do literally anything for the kid that is going through the life threatening illness. The scene when Miles and his family are eating lunch in the building and it had huge windows on it and they were able to look out and see a bunch of people that they have never met before was encouraging and showed how much everyone cared. As they were looking out, the people below were chanting ´┐ 1/2Miles, Miles, Miles!!´┐ 1/2┬? Because they wanted him to come save Lou Seal from the Penguin. Miles didn´┐ 1/2(TM)t feel good enough to go out and fight more crime because he was tired from all the chemo that he has gone through recently. But by the crowd chanting his name it made him strong enough to go fight the Penguin. I thought that part was very engaging because it had a good mixture of the crowd and the main character.
The film was also very good because the way they showed how they were able to set the whole thing up and were able to close down an entire downtown of a city was just insane. They also were able to have many people that Miles had no idea even existed. It brought a many people together. They showed how they had everything done such as having parkour classes with the guy who dressed up as Batman and that was also the guy Miles would be with all of next day dressed up as Batkid. They showed how they built all the props, how they got all the costumes. The community was so close during all this that another kid who Miles didn´┐ 1/2(TM)t even know lent him his Batman costume that him and his dad made a long time ago. He gave it to Miles out of the kindness of his heart. If he didn´┐ 1/2(TM)t do this Miles possibly would not of had a costume. They were able to get many people to dress up as the villians. Everyone chipped in whether it was calling the baseball park owner to let them use a mini field nearby, the cops and the chief of police, the mayor, EJ and his wife, his friend who played the riddler and also the guy who played penguin.
I would give the movie a 4.5/5 star rating. The only reason I didn´┐ 1/2(TM)t give it a five star rating is because they didn´┐ 1/2(TM)t to great of a job talking to Miles asking him what he thought about it. If he liked it, or if he was nervous at all. They needed to talk more to the kid that the whole thing was happening for instead of talking more to the parents and other people who helped along the time. It is good they talked to the parents and other people but I don´┐ 1/2(TM)t think it´┐ 1/2(TM)s that good that they barely even talked to Miles. They had a whole little part of the movie and it was about another kid that had cancer when he was a little younger and they gave him Make A Wish and he wanted to make a video game. They talked to that kid more than they did Miles. I think this story is great but now they have to do this for every kid that has cancer and wants to be a superhero. If they don´┐ 1/2(TM)t do that it would be unfair to the other children.
July 12, 2018
If you have lost faith in humanity or human goodness, you need to see this documentary. This a wonderfully sweet, sentimental, and optimistic real life story of how great humanity can be by showing all these people from all around the world coming together to make one little boy's dream a reality.
April 20, 2018
Batkid is a loving and heartwarming movie about a little boy named Miles named Miles who gets his Make-a-Wish granted as he has cancer. This film shows what amazing work Make-a-Wish does to help families out by making a child's dream day come true. This movie shows humanity captured throughout, but does not really show what really went on under all the action when there were moments that were not soo happy. I feel like after the end of this film, we still do not have some of our questions which society asks such as, why is there still not a cure for cancer research, there has been soo much money raised from this event and we still do not have answers, etc. Overall, this film sends a very positive about this topic and people coming together as a whole to support an amazing cause.
If I could change anything throughout this movie, there would be nothing to fix. This really opens up our perspective to feeling like a child again and brings pure happiness to everyone. Batkid is a movie which everyone should see and be recognized for humanitarian reasons like this.
April 20, 2018
In the documentary, BatKid, i felt that both the Make-a-Wish and the documentary were well organized. Batkid was about a kid with leukemia with a dream to be batman for a day. Although everything was well organized, there were a couple of little tweaks that could have been done. For example, the documentary started off as a comic book theme. Telling miles' backstory, they showed strips of how the parents saw a bump on miles and how he was in the hospital. Throughout the documentary, they only did that three times.

Another tweak is that the documentary interviewed a lot of people but not the people that mattered most to Miles, the parents. They only interviewed during the introduction and the conclusion of the documentary. This adjustment would have made the audience understand more about Miles instead of Batkid. We got to see miles happy about being batman but would have been good to understand how he felt about the whole day
April 20, 2018
The background of the documentary of "Batkid" is about a five year old boy named Miles who had Leukemia and his dream was to be Batman and the Make A Wish program made that happen for him and his family. The positives of the documentary was how made the day so big in San Francisco and so many people were there for this event for Miles. Everybody who was interviewed really cared about for Miles dream and that come true. I liked how the director (Dana Nachman) made it look like a hero movie with the comic book transition between scenes and how in the beginning of the intro look like a comic book opening and the comic book closing in the end. EJ who was Batman said that after that day he noticed how people were a lot kinder with each other and how this event for Miles brought everyone together. The plan for Miles to be Batkid and have Batman who was EJ by his side was really successful and didn't really force it fro Miles. Patricia who was calling everyone and getting people to be in this event was great and showed that she really cares to make this happen and didn't make it look like it was rushed.

In every good documentary there is always things that could be changed. With the interviews I feel like that they could've interviewed Miles a lot more and asked him about his experience and how he felt when it happened. They promoted platforms like FaceBook and Twitter a lot with showing their posts and tweets.
April 19, 2018
The documentary Batkid is about a little Boy named Miles Scott who has cancer. There is a program called the "Make A Wish Foundation," and they give kids with a life threatening disease the ability to meet someone or do something that not everyone can do, like meet a famous person or become a professional football player for the day. Miles chose to be a superhero. He loves batman more than any other superhero, so they knew batman was the right superhero for him to be. Patricia, a member of the Make a Wish Foundation, was put on the case of making Miles' dream come true. However, while Patricia was setting up the surprise, Miles was still fighting with chemotherapy. Every time Patricia would talk to someone that would help her out and make Miles' surprise more special, they would immediately help and offer free things for miles. Everyone at this event had a smile on their face no matter what at all times. The documentary made everyone extremely happy. During the event, the video showed everyone celebrating and having a good time. The documentary shows people being brought tougher. This documentary was overall very positive for the people that watched it, and most importantly, Miles.

While the event was great and had a very powerful message, the documentary didn't show Miles' family enough. They gave them some very brief scenes in the Documentary. Mrs. Scott Said in the beginning of the Documentary that this would be their first vacation as a family in a really long time. However, they were never seen tougher in the documentary. There also was no struggle, and everything went their way. Because of this, I can conclude that the documentary was bias. Also, they started the documentary off with comic transitions and then decided to stop and then add it in the end. This showed that the documentary was very inconsistent. The documentary was very inspiring, but there were some negative parts in the way that the documentary was portrayed.
½ April 17, 2018
Batkid was a beautiful experience for everyone who was there that day. Batkid(miles)is kid who
has leukemia and the people at The Make a Wish Foundation helped miles make his dream
come true, by making him batman for a day. The documentary was however very informative
about the subject on Batkid. Most of the documentary was very positive. They interviewed
people like Hans Zimmer, people from twitter who can add more credibility . They interviewed
the director(Patricia)of the make a wish foundation. She helped create the whole scene, she
basically made that whole day like a movie. I think the only thing about the documentary was
that they didn't interview the parents and miles as much they should have.
April 6, 2018
The Documentary Batkid is about a young boy who had cancer and the Make A Wish foundation gave Miles his wish to make the city Gotham City from the movie Batman. The documentary had a great storyline and built a emotional connection for the viewers. The way the documentary was portrayed was poor I think they need more one on one interviews with the parents to see their perspective and they need to give more credit to all the other resources that made that day possible.Overall the film had a great story line.This film hit home for me because cancer was a prevalent topic in my family and this is how they reeled in the viewers by connecting emotional. Really letting them see that this young boy had to go through the hardest endeavor any person can go threw let alone a young kid like Miles himself. I would have also love to see Miles talk more in front of the camera and see him talk about his experience instead of hearing it from Make A Wish. Ultimately the documentary will receive a three and half star due to those setbacks in the film.
½ April 6, 2018
The film Batkid follows the journey of a 5-year old boy named Miles who underwent treatment for leukemia throughout his childhood days. Throughout the film, there were many positive elements to the film. The Make a Wish Foundation wanted to grant one of Mile's dreams. His dream was to be batman for a day. To get into the first positive in the film, I really like how they used the comics in the beginning of the film, where they explained his story, and how he got to where he was at the time of the special day. I felt that it really gave a feel for the hard times they went through, because we got to hear from the parents about his daily struggles. Also, I felt that the fact that they interviewed a lot of the people who made the day possible (Batman, social media advertisers, costume directors, etc.) was very enhancing. I feel this way, because they were saying how their job would contribute to make the day go smooth. It also showed how much these people cared about Miles, so it was a good idea to include that.
So overall, we got a lot of insight from outside people, which makes for a better understanding of how everything came into place. Throughout the film during the day, there was happy, upbeat music. I personally feel like that helped to give the right vibe in the film. It added joy to the film. Overall, the stuff they added in the film, including the interviews and happy music, was overall a success.
There were great film tactics used in the film. I really liked how they filmed, and how they got down to Miles' level when filming him sometimes. That really let us see what he was seeing from his point of view. Also, the director really made it a point to move the camera over all of the people. From this, we really got the sense of just how many people there were at this event. At each little "event" throughout the day, the camera got the brief idea of each event. It wasn't like 20 minutes at each event on camera, it was short and sweet and got the point across. But, something I enjoyed a lot was when they followed the cars around the town, and at times got into the car with them to show that point of view. I really liked seeing the points of views throughout the film. Mostly, I really enjoyed seeing the inclusion of Miles' constant happiness throughout the day. I personally feel that the point of the film was to show his happiness and joy for this day, and we really did get to see how happy it made him. One thing that I did not necessarily like in the film, was that there was a lot of build up until the actual day. It did not get to day fast enough, even though it included all of the right things in the start. Like I said, throughout the day, they followed each mini event just enough, but I feel that the overall film was a little too long. Overall, the film did include a lot of good techniques to show the build up to the day, and to show how the day went. I would give this film a 4.5 out of 5 stars.
½ April 10, 2017
An inspiring, heartwarming documentary about a unique experience that brought the city of San Francisco together. I remember reading about Batkid and watching a lot of videos online about his incredible story but not in depth like this. Batkid Begins takes you behind the scenes to where it all started and how a wish came true by bringing people together from around the world for a good cause. It really puts things into perspective and reminds us that humanity isn't dead.
January 22, 2017
If you're in need of a feel good movie watch this! I smiled and laughed so many times :)
January 5, 2017
Nice inspiring story about this little boy who is battling leukemia and dreamed about being Batman for a day.
November 19, 2016
What a heartwarming documentary filled with great heart.
October 8, 2016
I think too many people complained about the resources being used for this event instead of just accepting it for what it was. Not every kid with cancer gets to have this big of a deal made over them. However, that does not stop this one story from being an emotional (and cultural) miracle. So many people got inspired by this and too many people are trying to destroy that. Anyway, watch this. It is worth it.
September 11, 2016
A Feel Good Documentary that does exactly what you'd expect from the cover.
I really enjoyed it
August 12, 2016
This is a sappy feel-good documentary that will make you believe in humanity. Do not watch it if you want to be negative because it will make you cry, make you smile and make you feel great about the potential of mankind.
July 24, 2016
A great feel good movie. I loved the way the community came together to support this kids dream of being batman. Now if we could get that to happen for something more important.
½ June 19, 2016
Powerful and uplifting.
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