Batman and Harley Quinn Reviews

September 29, 2017
Noir superhero story has sex, cursing, and violence.
August 31, 2017
Batman and Harley Quinn eeks out a recommendation for the humor.
August 30, 2017
You can see the tone they're going for and when it hits, it's a riot. But it misses more than it should, and with risqu material, it becomes too crude for comfort.
August 22, 2017
While Batman and Harley Quinn may not be the Dark Knight's greatest animated adventure, it's likely to make the majority of its viewers laugh out loud throughout. Prudes need not apply.
August 17, 2017
Make no mistake, this is a gorgeously rendered tribute to Batman: The Animated Series and the voice cast was top notch. But Batman and Harley Quinn just doesn't stand up to the best episodes of that show.