Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Reviews

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March 18, 2021
Altogether this is not a great film. It would not be incorrect to consider it a poor one. It is a poor film, however, with outstanding pieces in it.
February 28, 2021
Action-packed and epic, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice delivers an unmissable fight between its title characters, and successfully deepens the mythology of the DC Universe as only Zack Snyder can.
November 20, 2020
Cinematography and editing were good. The CGI effects were not overly-done or poorly-executed and that was all this movie needed to be as entertaining and exciting as it was.
September 2, 2020
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is kind of wonderful in a steampunk meets industrial punk sort of way.
July 17, 2020
The ultimate edition is a superior version to the theatrical cut and certainly has restored my faith in the franchise.
April 3, 2020
In closing, BvS is a big, bold experiment made by people who really care.
November 19, 2019
While Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is congested in its first two acts, it compels through masterful action sequences and a brilliant new take on the Caped Crusader.
October 22, 2019
Exceedingly uneven, alternately exasperating and exhilarating, confounding and compelling.
October 16, 2019
It's great fantasy entertainment.
September 7, 2019
Keep your expectations well in check and you might find yourself enjoying this.
July 17, 2019 doesn't stick the landing, but no tentpole blockbuster has ever flown so close to the sun while obscuring that light under layers and layers of gray.
April 6, 2019
Dawn of Justice is perhaps not the Batman/Superman film we deserve, but it's the one we have right now. This chapter has just enough spark to light the universe fuse.
March 19, 2019
Zack Snyder has directed both films and has successfully delivered a rich and cohesive cinematic world in which to set his growing cast of superheroes and villains.
February 14, 2019
Batman v Superman is a great film and a spectacle that marks a new era for superheroes. [Full Review in Spanish]
January 15, 2019
Director Zack Snyder and four screenwriters, including David S. Goyer, opt for a darker tone than audiences are accustomed to in Superman films. This time it works, however, with the inclusion of Batman giving it a grittier edge.
December 12, 2018
Snyder's Superman is the most universally relatable version of the character yet and the social, political and cultural significance of BvS will be appreciated over time
November 2, 2018
Zack Snyder ends decades of anticipation and finally brings both Batman and Superman together for the first time on the big screen with Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.
October 30, 2018
It's difficult to not feel like a lot of "Batman v Superman" is an exhaustive - and expensive- effort from DC and Warner Bros. to catch up to Disney and Marvel's well-oiled cinematic universe.
August 21, 2018
Say what you will about this cluttered, densely plotted do gooder yarn; it sure doesn't play like escapism.
August 19, 2018
If you like Batman v. Superman already, then you'll definitely enjoy the ultimate cut.
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