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A werewolf virus has been unleashed in New York City, and now the world's only hope lies with an infected wildlife photographer (Ariana Richards) with a direct connection to the host, and an Army general (Craig Sheffer) who's determined to find the cure. Meanwhile, a rogue general (Dennis Haysbert) plots to create an army of werewolf super soldiers.
Drama , Horror , Science Fiction & Fantasy , Special Interest
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Craig Sheffer
as Major Brian Hoffman
Dennis Haysbert
as Lt. General Christopher Monning
Kate Vernon
as Dr. Ellen Gordon
Ariana Richards
as Donna Voorhees
Bill Duke
as President Donald Sheridan
Wes Studi
as Captain Falcons
Ernie Hudson
as Max Stevens
Benjamin James Stockham
as Corporal CJ Parkins
Anthony Pacella
as Carl Hammond
Darin Cooper
as Defense Secretary Woods
Afrim Gjonbalaj
as Captain Sims
Rich Lounello
as Platoon Leader
Frank Rossi
as Air Force Chief of Staff
Michael Cipiti
as Staff Official
Richard Satterwhite
as American Citizen
Cameron Gordon
as Captain Taylor
Rodney Roldan
as Stallion 1 Pilot
Jayson Simba
as Stallion 2 Pilot
Robert Bozek
as Arguing Man
Jay Storey
as Conspiracy Theorist
Brian Stapf
as Spotter
Seregon O'Dassey
as Honeymoon Wife
Debbie Rochon
as NYPD Officer
Ashley Carr
as Young Woman in Subway
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An entertaining B movie with a very good cast of genre notables.

Full Review… | August 10, 2013
Cinema Crazed

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Normally, I'm dead set against all of the remakes and reboots that have been permeating theaters this past decade or so, but in the case of the low-budget dud "Battledogs," I'll make an exception. There are some nifty ideas here that could have worked in a project with a lot more money behind it and with a better cast, and as bad as this is, you can at least say that it's ambitious. It's a hybrid werewolf movie mixed with elements of "Contagion," but the poor writing and extraordinarily awful special effects sink this at every turn. If I wasn't so bored by it I may have found some of it funny since so much of what transpires here is completely ludicrous. The werewolf effects are shoddy, but the budget is so miniscule that even the shots of aircraft are computer generated. That doesn't mean that some of this isn't fun to watch, like the wolves getting incinerated on the streets of Manhattan and entire bridges blown up with missiles, but it's so poorly done that at times you feel like you're watching a cartoon. There's a better-than-expected cast with several recognizable names, but none of them can convincingly pull off this inept dialogue. The script also has no shortage of cliches, such as the government wanting to use the werewolves as weapons of war, but you still can't help but wonder what some brighter minds would have been able to do with this idea. As it stands now, "Battledogs" is an idiot movie with a few decent images floundering in an astoundingly bad film. There are clearly aspirations of greatness here that could never be achieved due to its limited funding.

Timothy Sanders
Timothy Sanders

I would love to tell you that this is an amazing gore-fest featuring non-stop werewolves, but there's actually just a ton of not-werewolves standing around talking to other not-werewolves. :( The cgi on the human-to-wolf transformations is good though. And the scenes actually featuring carnage are pretty epic. However, most of the movie focuses on pudgy dad-aged men doing an unconvincing job of impersonating military personnel. (I mean, I was expecting it to be mindless and goofy, but I thought there'd be more action.)

Sam Spade
Sam Spade

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