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This slow-moving occult thriller has Pamela Sue Martin and hubbie Tim Matheson menaced by a coven of witches when they move to an island off the coast of Massachusetts. Director Carl Schenkel -- who went on to make the interesting Knight Moves -- does the best he can with a tedious script and a lot of miscasting, but it doesn't make the movie any more interesting. It looks like a who's who of '80s sitcoms, with Woody Harrelson, Jeff Conaway, and Inga Swenson along for the evil doings, but some viewers will be rolling on the floor when they see Leave It to Beaver's Barbara Billingsley as a 300-year-old witch. The highlight of the film is an exploding church, which may just be loud enough to wake you up so you can rewind the tape.
Horror , Mystery & Suspense , Television
Directed By:
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Guber-Peters Company


Tim Matheson
as Jerry Lebon
Pamela Sue Martin
as Linda Lebon
Barbara Billingsley
as Beatrice Gower
James B. Sikking
as Nicholas Kline
Inga Swenson
as Matty Kline
Susan Ruttan
as Debbi McGwin
Jeff Conaway
as Josh McGwin
Nigel Bennett
as Mr. Bob Holden #1
Patrick Brymer
as Store Clerk
Michael Caruana
as The Priest
John Dee
as Old Man Kline
David Harvey
as Old Man
Tom Harvey
as Tom Holden
Paul Horruzey
as Edward
John Kerr (II)
as Ferry Captain
Marsha Moreau
as Rachel
Neil Vipond
as Mr. Weisley
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A real piece of garbage, Bay Cove--you can get the plot of the film if you add an "N" to the end of Cove--that thoroughly disappoints despite its intriguing cast list. Bay Cove might be good for a few laughs, but it is good for little else. Badly filmed, poorly acted, and about as a scary as someone with a sheet over their head, the film lacks anything to recommend it. It feels like a horror film made with the standards of a Lifetime movie of the week or an episode of Days of our Lives.

Al Miller
Al Miller

Bay Cove (aka "Bay Coven" "The Devils of Bay Cove", and "Strangers in Town") Starring: Pamela Sue Martin, Tim Matheson, Barbara Billingsley, Woody Harrelson, and James Sikking Director: Carl Shenkel Linda and Jerry, a pair of Boston-based Yuppies (Martin and Matheson) get a deal that's too good to be true on a grand old house in the tiny island community of Bay Cove. Once relocated, though, Linda discovers that the neighborhood has gone to hell--literally, as all their new neighbors may be immortal Satanists. "Bay Cove" is a low-key, a little-too-slow-in-the-build-up, completely predictable made-for-TV horror movie that would fit perfectly on the Lifetime or Hallmark Channel. The acting is mostly average (with Martin being the bottom of the pack, never seeming like she's quite awake), but the camera work is well-done. Although the movie makes some half-hearted attempts at playing the "is she crazy or not" game, it really doesn't manage to shed enough doubt on what's going on to make the audience question Linda's findings--yes, the new neighbors are indeed immortal witches who are up to no good. The film is at its best and scariest for a few scenes toward the end, but otherwise it just sort of moves along its plot-track, dilligently giving us the "something ain't right with the townies" mainstays and ultimately reaching its similarly by-the-book climax. There's nothing terribly bad about this film, but there's also nothing that's particularly good. Leave it on the shelf at the DVD store, and watch it only on late-night TV if there's nothing else available but infomercials.

Steve Miller
Steve Miller

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