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½ July 10, 2016
Great look at a legend with loads of talking heads and some fantastic music.
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April 9, 2015
A fitting and wonderful tribute to one of the greatest artists of all time. As with most legendary blues performers, the talent seems God given..out of the blue.
December 18, 2014
Only a few people in history can lay claim to the title "Legend". But, in the world of blues music, if anybody deserves that title it's the incredible guitarist and performer B.B. King.

This documentary "The Life of Riley" does justice to the life of this wonderful charismatic man. From his humble upbringing, to life ploughing a field, and forwards into super-stardom and collaborations with the likes of Eric Clapton and U2, this documentary follows it all and gives an insight into what it takes to become the smiling face of the blues for nearly 70 years.

The documentary is narrated by the Voice himself, Morgan Freeman, and contains talking head and archival contributions from a who's who of the industry and a bunch of fans - including; Clapton, Bono, Carlos Santana, Bruce Willis, Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Derek Trucks, Doyle Bramhall III, Joe Bonamassa, Bill Cosby, Robert Cray, Dr John, Buddy Guy, John Lennon, Ringo Starr, David Matthews, John Mayall, John Mayer, Aaron Neville, Leon Russell, Slash, Mick Taylor, Joe Walsh, Johnny Winter, Bill Wyman, President Barack Obama and, of course, King himself. (If that isn't an impressive list of remarkable people, I don't know what is).

It's told in a conventional but effective way, but it's the story itself that is gripping. If you like blues music, do yourself a favour and see this documentary.

June 28, 2014
Perusvahva henkilödokkari. Alkupuoli mielenkiintoisempi lapsuuden ja uran alun kuvausta. Loppupuolisko enemmän peruskehumista. Muusiikki huippua alusta loppuun!
½ May 29, 2014
Saw this film at The Arclight in LA. It was amazing!
½ December 24, 2012
A very well done documentary that explores the roots of the music behind BB KING, telling the story through the context of the history he lived through and the relationships that got him to blues legend status. There are some heartfelt personal stories from the people in his life, and some really surprising insight from celebrities ranging from Eric Clapton to Bill Cosby.
October 14, 2012
Having seen it twice now I'd highly recommend it. BB is hugely charismatic and the film boasts a soundtrack to die for!
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