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½ February 5, 2014
Awful. I only saw it in the late 80s on video because I loved The Birds so much. Absolutely horrible. Do not ever see this for any reason whatsoever.
March 13, 2013
Surprisingly , a hidden gem of killer animal movies. Great visual effects. Obviously a rip off of the Hitchcock classic.
½ December 30, 2011
An unwarranted grindhouse version of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. None of the style or tension but what it lacks in actual craft it makes up for in gruesomeness. Since it has no craft & story telling in has to rely on bloodletting & if that is all you came for then peck away. I think they really missed the boat on this bird gone amuck theme by having most of them be seagulls & pigeons (w/ the occasional hawk). Probably because they are the cheapest & the most easily trained. In one scene they go to a exotic bird sanctuary but there are no attacks. If there was a moment when flamingos were on the rampage this would have been something a little special & would bump my rating. Missed opportunities
August 28, 2011
Vicces spanyol - mexik√≥i koprodukci√≥s eco - trash a v√ (C)rengzŇ' madarakr√≥l. J√≥kat nevettem a nevets√ (C)ges vall√°si maszlaggal teletŇĪzdelt szedett- vedett t√∂rt√ (C)neten, mely egy r√∂vid bevezetŇ' √ (C)s befejez√ (C)s k√∂z√∂tt nagyj√°b√≥l arr√≥l sz√≥l, hogy k√ 1/4l√∂nb√∂zŇ' embereket megt√°madnak madarak √ (C)s errŇ'l egy riporternŇ' rendere tud√≥s√≠t. Hogy Christopher Atkins mit csin√°lt itt arr√≥l gŇ'z√∂m sincs, mondjuk vil√°g √ (C)let√ (C)ben fosgy√°ros volt de ez m√ (C)g n√°la is cinkes.
½ January 7, 2010
Great title... But that's about it! Extremely slow-moving and amateurish "remake" of Hitchcock's The Birds. I've seen a few terrible birds-gone-mad movies (The Birds II: Land's End and Kaw, comes to mind) but this is absolutely the worst of them.
½ June 17, 2009
Ah, Beaks: the Movie (or Birds of Prey...or El ataque de los p√°jaros). Either way you say it, the end result is a laughable and somewhat boring nature run-amok film that is in no way better than, say, Alfred Hitchock's The Birds (though I will say that it IS much, much better than The Birds II: Lands End, strangely enough). Beaks centers on a reporter played by Michelle Johnson (Dr. Giggles, Waxwork) who looks way better these days than she did in this film (they do have her in "nude" scenes, but I'm pretty sure they are stunt titties). Sorry, got off track. She is also accompanied by cameraman/lover Christopher Atkins who, still somewhat hot from his role in The Blue Lagoon, began his fall from grace by starring in this and other low rent horror films, including Mortuary Academy, Shakma, and Dracula Rising. Wow, got off track again. Anyways, these two are reporting on several incidents involving bird attacks throughout Spain and Italy. As they begin to increase, a few kills happen, some bodies show up, and the climax involves a two part storyline with out two main characters riding out the danger in a train while and old man and his daughter celebrate his granddaughter's birthday party amidst a backlash of bird attacks. There's minimal gore and bird attack action, but for the most part, this film is rather tame, outdated, and boring. Good for a laugh or for true fans of nature run-amok horror films.
½ March 27, 2006
Beaks - The Movie (aka "Birds of Prey")
Starring: Christopher Atkins and Michelle Johnson
Director: Rene Cardona

A TV reporter and her cameraman (Johnson and Atkins) go globe-trotting in order to unlock the mystery behind a rising string of bird attacks. From eagles, to pidgeons, to chickens, birds are killing people... and they seem organized!

"Beaks - The Movie" is an uninspired and, worst of all, boring copy of "The Birds." There's really nothing to recommend it; the closest the film gets to being suspenseful is a shot of hundreds of pidgeons charging across a plaza. (Although, if you love watching slow-motion footage of doves and pidgeons, you might find it worth while.)
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