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½ June 17, 2016
I didn't care for how they chose to end the story.
January 22, 2014
Slightly inferior, but still charming follow up to BearCity. Still feels like an extended version of a good TV show. Great advert for P'town bear week. Booking now.
February 21, 2013
Just as great as the first I love it!!!
January 25, 2013
The first BearCity came as a bit of a surprise, although filled with some stereotypically camp bears, albeit, some very sexy ones, had characters that weren't 2 dimensional, had substance and in some cases were shallow but this. in a sense portrayed the gay community in a relatively accurate way. These men had flaws like we all do, so it was easy to relate. The sequel continues the struggling relationships of all the characters, its nice that not one couple gets more screen time then another, and puts them in different scenarios I'm sure we have been in, gay or straight and sees how some will triumph or fail. As with the original there are a lot of funny one liners and some incredibly sexy men and unexpected cameos. But Kathy Najimy steals every scene she is in, her performance is hilarious but also very emotional and was great to see her having a lot of fun. Yes its a bit cheesey in a few scenes but nearly every romantic comedy has that! Even with its cliches its a thoroughly enjoyable film and I say make a 3rd and round off into a trilogy.
½ January 7, 2013
The film definitely overstays its welcome, and there are bears, lots of them, like there is never shortage of them for the duration of the movie. The story department really suffers, as most ones from this kind of genre usually do, and it clearly shows; having said that, the eye candies sort of makes up for it. And I really really like Stephen Guarino as an actor/comedian and what he does; I think we need to see more of him.
November 23, 2012
Nice guilty pleasure with an unexpected ending
October 24, 2012
really liked the first movie cant wait to see what happens in the second
October 8, 2012
"Saw "Bear City 2: The Proposal" tonight at Cinema Village, really loved it. Knew nothing about the film before going, was completely surprised what a good romantic comedy it was. One of the few 'gay movies' I've ever seen where the characters & behavior were totally real and believable, not stereotypical & caricatural. Plus it was moving and very funny. Highly recommended."
October 5, 2012
Will be at Gateway Theatre Oct. 7 opening in Ft. Lauderdale
October 5, 2012
Loved this movie! One of the few sequels that surpassed the original and felt to be a bigger budget movie than it was, asking the question that just because a gay couple can finally get legally married, should they? All shot against the background of the fun gay romp of Bear Week in Provincetown, an actual annual event for the hirsute and their admirers.

The movie was sexy, funny, a little naughty, and just a touch poignant at the right moments. I caught every burly guy in our row all wiping a tear during the wedding scene... even me. It's a great salute to the fun of Bear Week with a few inside jokes for the regulars with many non-actor bears cast as extras, including a gay fire chief as himself, complete with red suspenders.

Most of the largely newcomer cast returns with the comfort of favorite shoes, with Stephen Guarino (Big Gay Sketch Show) standing out as Brent, the comic soul of the movie, his quick wit with a cupcake just as light and tasty. Kathy Najimy had a much larger part than expected and is a delight as Brent's slightly-hippy mother, who conveniently owns a guesthouse that is somehow still available during Bear Week to host the group for the wedding, along with a background trio only referred to as "the Chicago bears". Har har. Of course, the parents of the groom (including famous face Richard Riehle) are invited to the wedding with more than a couple of hilarious culture-clash moments.

Groom-to-be Tyler has misgivings about marrying at 23, and those are only underscored by Big Dan a older romantic distraction subtly questioning his convictions. Theater veteran T. Doyle Leverett as Big Dan stole every scene with his calm sexy charm. I understand the part was originally intended for a 32 year old - praise the casting director for changing direction! Many other quick cameos (Kevin Smith, Frank DeCaro) help open the movie but I wish they were spread throughout the film, though a quick flash of Dan Choi at the end of the movie party was nice to see.

My only critiques are that there was no established "summer of love" or other grounding history for Tyler and Roger as couple, who finally got together at the end of the original movie only to be hemming and hawing about getting married at the start of the sequel. It's implied, but we don't quite believe it. It would have been nice to have a photo album montage of history of the last year or two showing their relationship as an intro to the movie, leading up to the opening scene (which itself was eye-candy homage to the opening scene of the first movie.) Also, a surprise breakup in the final moments seemed completely incongruous to the move and an awkward distraction.

Overall, this is a love-letter movie made by bears, for bears. Critics who say they've seen this wedding-jitter rom-com before don't quite get that not everyone has been part of that party. Good thing this movie wasn't made for them.
July 24, 2012
Excellent follow up. Saw at LA premier. Haven't laughed as hard in a movie since Tootsie but also heart warming and some tears. cast takes it to next level, especially Gerald McCullouch as Roger and Stephen Gaurino who holds his own with and sometimes steals scenes from Kathy Najimi Hopefully 3 gets made and we see this as a trilogy of Roger's growth as well as the rest of the cast
July 20, 2012
Excellent movie! Lots of laughs and joyful tears...a great GLBT romance movie.
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