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April 23, 2017
A unique film about family, community, loss, and the indignities suffered by the powerless at the hands of the powerful. I've watched it twice, and it held up on the second viewing. Definitely worth a watch.
April 21, 2017
I cannot get my head around the acclaim this film has received, I found it dull from beginning to end. Cute kids talks like those inspirational quotes Middle Age Mum's post on Facebook and Instagram whilst a nonsensical plot plays out. Really, really boring.
April 14, 2017
This epic masterpiece film is the epitome of survival and what family really means. It is the ultimate display of human connection and courage. I was immediately blown away, captured like never before and totally stunned by every single second that passed in Beasts of The Southern Wild.
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March 3, 2017
A spellbinding film that uses a shaky handheld camera (and grainy image) together with a lot of visual poetry to create a combination of naturalism and fantasy, with a wonderful performance by the young Quvenzhane Wallis in a touching story about love and courage.
February 24, 2017
Man, maybe it was a product of the hype, but I found this really underwhelming. After a strong start, I became less and less enthralled as it went along. By the end I thought it was quite cheesy. I don't know. Not a bad film, but I wouldn't recommend this for a Best Picture nomination.
February 20, 2017
Just one of the most perfect beautiful films ever crafted
February 8, 2017
anticlimactic and a bit aimless towards the end, this still gets 4 stars for a handful of scenes which are unforgettable in their power to synthesize the drama of nature and civilization.
½ February 2, 2017
A modern day fantasy with amazing attention to detail, design and originality, but also a not-so-engaging feel.
½ February 1, 2017
Meaningless artyfartyness
January 26, 2017
ALTAMENTE RECOMENDABLE ! Bestias del Sur Salvaje, posiblemente sea una de las mejores películas que vi, y que vi este año. Es una historia de Realismo Mágico, sobre una olvidada y rebelde comunidad que vive en una isla que puede ser hundida por los desastres naturales y perderse en el océano. La comunidad de la Bañera deben vivir en condiciones inhumanas debido a la extrema pobreza que deben enfrentar, sin embargo con espíritu siempre orgulloso y optimista, esta microsociedad se basa en la solidaridad por el otro. Las extremas condiciones los han hecho muy duros y fuertes. En el medio de esta isla pantanosa, resalta la pequeña Hushpuppy ( Quevenzhane Wallis) quien es una nena de seis años, muy inteligente, dulce y también salvaje, que tiene una percepción inusual de la realidad. . Ella piensa que el balance del Universo depende del balance de su mundo y que dicho balance se ve amenazado por sus acciones. Una tormenta de gran magnitud amenaza el futuro de la Bañera y Hushpuppy asumirá una responsabilidad épica al tratar de restablecer el orden de las cosas, para salvar a su moribundo padre y a la isla. Muy dura, pero excelente! // This movie is a story about a strong, forgotten and defiant community who live in an island that is about to sink in the ocean. They must live under unbearable poverty conditions, that makes them rougher than anyone. In the middle of the baouyish island there is little Hushpuppy ( Quevenzhane Wallis) who is a six-year-old girl, quite smart, and with an unusual perception of reality. She thinks that the balance of the Universe is connected to the balance of her world, and she see that balance threatened do to her actions. A strong storm will jeopardize the future of the Bathtub as the island is called, Hushpuppy will struggle to repair the damaged structure of her world in order to save her dying dad and her sinking island for that she must go throuhg epic catastrophes that will show her bravery, intelligence, wildness and unusual way of thinking
½ January 22, 2017
Artistically speaking the film is brilliant. The cinematography, dreamlike sequences, music, imagery, and poetic narration thru a child was amazing. I also thought the little girl was a very good actor. However, i thought the message and plot was pretty shallow. It seemed as though the film was trying to say living like that was acceptable and seemed to cover up some of the horror and details. I do think this film is overrated since it is mostly just art and that doesnt make a good film imo.
½ December 14, 2016
An incredible, fantasy-fable, or problematic romanticising of poverty? Firmly the former for me.
October 14, 2016
This was a really good film full of wonder and imagination.
September 5, 2016
So the entire movie is a metaphor for the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, did I spoil that for you? Having a movie about a child dealing with a world catastrophe that most of them can't process or understand is not bad. Where the Wild Things does a much better job expressing a child's anxieties and fears much better. It's an interesting idea, but something just feels off. Not sure what or how to properly express it, but it just won't get out of my brain.
½ September 4, 2016
Hated this movie. Interesting visuals, but overall, incoherent and boring.
September 3, 2016
Found this movie on Viceland, late-nite. If you value realism & substance over slick, this is a gem!
August 9, 2016
Just a phenomenal film that comes out of no where and grabs you. It is impossible to not be overcome with emotion while watching this film.
May 11, 2016
Heard great things about the film and wanted to see it. So disappointed. My roots are in southern Louisiana. My family is Creole. The nonsense in this film was just too much. Beasts is about as inaccurate and offensive a portrayal of bayou folk as you can get. Although I often found myself reaching for the eject button on my remote control I forced myself to sit through this film. Once was enough though. Never again.
½ April 9, 2016
This was clearly shot on 16mm film, which in this case was a good thing. It definitely added to the atmospheric quality. It was kind of like if "Winter's Bone" had had some kind of fantasy element, took place in a swamp and had a likable actress as the lead. It was a great performance by the little girl. It's probably one of the best examples of VO narration in the "narration fairy" style. It was slow paced, but I don't mind. The tone was eerie, and almost fairy-tale like. I didn't like the overuse of shaky cam. It wasn't as extreme as "Cloverfield" but it was a lot heavier than "Short Term 12". I still loved the movie, though. Had Benh Zeitlin dialed it back a bit, I definitely would've given it five stars. I love it, but it was just a little too much in some places. Also, what an AMAZING title. Really. That's brilliant.
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