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½ October 16, 2016
Jacques Audiard's fourth full-lenght. His fifth, "A Prophet" gave him true recognition but his earlier efforts is also of excellent quality.

We meet Tom. A man that's a semi-crook and mostly does violent one time jobs for a living. He's helping out his just as crooked father sometimes, or he is helping out his friends - for business or when they need cover for cheating sessions. He is not a happy man, but playing the piano seem to uplift him a bit. He never plays it as much as he really wants to, but he is changing this during the film, as he takes up lessons.

Never a dull moment, great pace and some neat shots and scenes. Great acting and a very decent crime drama, with some mild action and thrilling moments.

7.5 out of 10 rats.
August 17, 2016
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½ February 13, 2016
Good but the lack of any resolution is frustrating.
January 9, 2016
A hugely enjoyable, superbly directed film by Jacques Audiard (one of my favourite directors) with a cracking script and a terrific central performance from Romain Duris. Belter!
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November 19, 2015
Romain Duris is fantastic, doing an exceptional work in the composition of his character with a special care for small details, in what turns out to be a compelling, fascinating character study about an dissatisfied man trying to have his life back and follow his dream.
½ September 22, 2014
Un petit chef d'oeuvre mà (C)connu !!!!
Audiard est un rÃÃ, (C)alisateur exceptionnel , j'ai trouvÃÃ, (C) Duris gÃÃ, (C)nial dans ce rÃÃ,´le .
Mon 1er coup de foudre avec Audiard !!!
April 6, 2014
Romain Duris is totally captivating as Tom, a man caught between his desire to be a concert pianist and his sordid reality of being a collection agent for his father and a shady real estate broker.
March 8, 2014
For the second time I watched this movie, before and after film school...Still impressing and enjoyable....There is no happy or sad ending in his movies, life goes on...realistic view....Great casting and performance from Romain Duris, everyone is acting great and Audiard telling the story with very settled pace and use editing and cinematography to help it...The story is about passion, family and loss...The dilemma for the main character between two worlds that he lives in brings struggle that we experienced it somehow, when the world is telling you can't do it and you are waiting for final push...
February 1, 2014
Amazing French film, brilliantly written, directed and produced, this film is special and remain one of my favorite starring Romain Duris
February 1, 2014
Working my way back through Jaques Audiard's back catalogue.
The damaged man theme of Un Prophete and Rust & Bone is evident here as we follow the story of Tom, a man who is torn between following in his father's footsteps as a corrupt landlord or following his passion for music and becoming a concert pianist like his departed mother.
After a chance encounter with his mother's old agent, Tom is invited to audition and he then has to balance both sides of his life as he sets up a dodgy real estate deal and practices for his audition.
Romain Duris is compelling in the lead role as the conflicted Tom. Very empathetic and believable as his life just throws him curveball after curveball.
Another great film from Audiard who is now a goto director for me.
November 9, 2013
A shot of Thomas beating an elder man to a pulp with a frying pan, a couple of minutes later a shot of Thomas playing the piano in utmost concentration. This is Thomas, a character filled with ambiguity.

Jacques Audiard's movie "De battre mon couer s'est arrete" is film magic at its purest. Themes such as the need for expression, maturity, duality, sense vs sensibility are brilliantly portrayed in this character study. The film tells the story of a 28 year old anti-hero named Thomas Seyr(Romain Duris) who is facing constant struggle within himself. He carries the traits of his father and his late mother. The mother was a professional pianist devoted to art and his father is a juvenile semi-retired man who is engaged in criminal activity. These characteristics can be translated into sense and sensibility, a dichotomy which consistently works in symbiosis within Thomas.

The editing brings about further understanding about Thomas life. Some scenes are abruptly cut under a conversation, compared to conventional cinema. The abruptness of the editing accompanied with Romain Duris brilliant depiction of an erratic personality shows the audience a moment in a mans life at crossroads. Should he stay in the thuggish life like his father, or devote himself to the realm of music.

Thomas love relationships are divided. One is an intuitive, immoral relationship more concerned with sex than partnership; one which he shares with his work partners wife. The other is a low-key
relationship which Thomas shares with his piano teacher. They don't speak the same verbal language albeit they communicate by the language of music. The relationship with the piano teacher is the one who is lasting being in a larger context Thomas character's development from post-adolescense to adulthood. It is his journey through maturity, a recurrent theme in Audiards authorship.

As a matter of fact, Thomas is not very good at communicating at all. But he is in great need of give vent to his feelings. His communication lies in the ineffable, by fists or fingers. This is explicitly shown by his unpredictable behavior when speaking. For instance it is portrayed when he talks to his father about the fathers new girlfriend he calls her a prostitute or when he tells his working partners wife he is in love with her, which apparently he is not. He does not neccesarily have a malign agenda, it is simply that his strenuous efforts in speaking bluntly are futile.

In conclusion, one can ask if he will succeed in leaving his violent path and devote himself to the katharsis the music brings to his soul? Probably not, since he is, throughout the movie, permeated by the duality of his personality. One life which is dictated by intuition and stress compared to the other by sensibility and harmony. His personality is summarized in the last shot, which is staggeringly haunting. A close up on the face of a bleeding Thomas looking and listening to his partner playing the piano at a concert. His scars reminiscent of his violent intuitive nature and the piano music representing his sensible ideals in life.

By: Florent Fagerström
September 13, 2013
Life as it is - struggle and figt.
April 5, 2013
amazing!!! i have been a fan of romain duris ever since i watched this film!! =)
March 30, 2013
These days it's hard to find unique, gritty thrillers, because it's usually one or the other. You can always depend on the French for something great, and that's exactly the case with "De Battre mon Couer s'est Arrêté". By the end, it leaves you breathless, even if you can't explain exactly what happened. Movies that do that obviously are great ones.
Tom (Romain Duris) is a small-time criminal that dreams of being a concert pianist. His father (Niels Arestrup) is a mid-level gangster and loan shark, and to support himself, Tom has been working as a collection agent. At first, the job seems good, but it quickly becomes unsatisfying. Once he rediscovers his love for the piano, he can't help but feel ready to change his life, and soon takes lessons with the Asian Miao-Lin (Linh Dan Pham), who is just as hard on Tom as his father. Yet, Tom can't seem to get out of his violent life, and we can't tell if it's because he's worried about being killed, or if he realizes he's just too good at it.
I could watch movies like "De Battre mon Couer s'est Arrêté" all day. There's something intriguing to me about the criminal underworld, even more so when the cameras are shaky, the actors appear to have been picked off the street, and violence serves as a part of the plot rather than trying to shock the audience. What's different about this film is that, yes, it has all of these great components, but it's unpredictable and tells a story that no other film has even attempted (well, except the original film it was based off of, "Fingers").
The streets always look grimy, filled with seedy looking people that blend into the atmosphere, and people smoke cigarettes as though it's perfectly normal. You could say "De Battre mon Couer s'est Arrêté" is a modern day film noir, except it has no boundaries.
Romain Duris is the key to the film. One of France's most underrated actors, he characterizes Tom without much sympathy, playing his neuroses' with uttermost realism with a hint of fascination for his character. He's twitchy, nearly hyperactive, and he's a wonder. It's hard to say if I ever truly liked Tom, but it's easy to agree that Duris is fascinating, and that's enough.
"De Battre mon Couer s'est Arrêté" is a great, underrated gangster movie that doesn't serve as a thriller as much as it does a character study.
½ November 2, 2012
Everytime facing this kind of shows, it's hard to rate it.
½ October 24, 2012
A journey of searching one's soul (in fact, just career). Like many other French films it doesn't have a glorious finale. And this guy resembles alot of a young Robert de Niro, in his Mean Street years.
½ September 12, 2012
Well acted French film about a guy struggling to balance his career as a real estate thug, his secret lovelife and his dream of becoming a concert pianist.
July 26, 2012
Top film. TOP film. Tourneuse de Pages meets Diva-slash-A Bout de Souffle. Or something. With dialogue halfway between Goodfellas/a kind of French 'Minder'. And then you get this lovely music all the way through - and raw suspense (you can't have an aspiring concert pianist who professionally beats people up at night without total FEAR for the guy's fingers). More of Romain Duris please.
June 20, 2012
Tom leads a criminal lifestyle, following the footsteps of his father, who made hsi money through illegal, and sometimes brutal real estate deals. Through a chance encounter Tom runs into his old piano teacher, revigorating his interest in becoming a concert pianist, much like his mother, who died years ago. Jacques Audiard's 'The Beat That My Heart Skipped' complete character piece of man who faces the moral dilemma of continuing down his current path, or defying his father's wishes, who he has much love for, in the pursuit of his dream. Though the details behind his mother's death is never stated, it is clear that Tom's father blames her devotion to the piano as the route cause. Tom has much love for hsi father, the only person he seems to truly love, yet it's clear that he has passions similar to his mother. I was a huge fan of Audiard's ' A Prophet', but unfortuantely I found this effort to be very underwhelming. My biggest issue with the film is that for a character portrait piece, the story is far more plot driven than character driven. For example, the chance encounter with his piano teacher that out of nowhere rekindles his desire to be a concert pianoist, or the romance which he begins with Aline, his friend/co-worker's wife, seem almost out of nowhere in service to the story more than our main character. This drive to become concert pianist is clearly something he shared closely with his mother, yet the film glosses over these details and doesnt give the viewer much emotionally. The visual style is similar to his other films, yet it's not nearly as refined or impressive as his later effort, 'A Prophet'. The films story-telling is subtle, which is great, but it needed more emotional depth. Music is this man's escape from a world he is forced to be a part of, due to circumstance, and in the end it ends up saving his life, yet besides one obvious scene near the end, I was vastly unaffected emotionally.
June 13, 2012
Cinematic gold. It just doesn't get any better than this. Plus, if you want to pick up chicks tell them this is your favourite film - getting the French title out of your mouth before she can stick her tongue down yours will be an accomplishment to be proud of. Soundtrack is scorching too. It's all been about Audiard since the early 2000's. If you haven't had the pleasure yet, start here before you go on to A Prophet.
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