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January 4, 2018
[Hard Day's Night] adds up to a breathless, sometimes funny film maybe even worth a squeal or two.
July 17, 2014
The movie never feels like a nostalgia trip. It moves, breathes and sings with life.
July 7, 2014
It's pure joy as I Should Have Known Better, And I Love Her and Tell Me Why pour out over footage of thousands of screaming, weeping schoolgirls with bouffant hair and miniskirts pursuing John, Paul, George and Ringo.
July 7, 2014
The results remain pop perfection.
July 7, 2014
The whole movie is an ecstatic mix of serendipity and invention. The Beatles were ready for their cinematic breakthrough.
July 3, 2014
A Hard Day's Night looks chaotic and slapdash enough (and just occasionally, for me, depressing enough) to count as an experimentalist or underground movie.
July 3, 2014
The simple joys of mucking about are captured in this madcap concert tour farce with the Beatles.
July 3, 2014
Rejected the status quo with an irreverent, quick-cutting documentary style that could fairly be described as mod, rocking and mocking.
July 2, 2014
Let's talk about joy, and about wistfulness, because one so often trails the other, and both are woven into the DNA of A Hard Day's Night.
January 18, 2013
At best, it is fun. But "fun" is not an aesthetic experience: fun remains on the surface. I have nothing against the surface. But it belongs where it is and shouldn't be taken for anything else.
September 10, 2007
American-born director Richard Lester serves up a helping of what, on this side of the pond, we came to think of as kicky, mod British filmmaking.
June 24, 2006
The mop-tops are likeably relaxed, with Lennon offering a few welcome moments of his dry, acerbic wit.
May 20, 2003
It's a fine conglomeration of madcap clowning in the old Marx Brothers' style, and it is done with such a dazzling use of camera that it tickles the intellect and electrifies the nerves.
January 22, 2002
Not only has this film not dated, it may even look fresher than it did in 1964; the zigzag cutting and camera moves, the jaunty ironies and pop-celebrity playfulness, are all standard issue now on MTV and its offspring.
April 17, 2001
Richard Lester's innovative film, the Beatles' debut feature, is a timewarp memento of that brief 1963-4 phase in their history known as Beatlemania.
January 19, 2001
To watch the final concert segment is to look back decades and realize, as you do seeing vintage footage of Duke Ellington or Frank Sinatra or John Coltrane, that it's never really gotten any better.
January 19, 2001
The music video by which all other music videos must be judged. And none top it.
January 19, 2001
Still feels brand spanking new, and way cool.
January 19, 2001
Younger fans can see what Beatlemania was really all about.
December 22, 2000
Has survived the years like a Disney cartoon classic.
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