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½ December 28, 2013
I went into this documentary with really high hopes. The trailer really looked decent. I'm sure this movie is good for certain people but for me having seen may AT documentaries already it really lacked a lot. I expected more then 2 blonds and a queen sitting on rocks complaining about each others lack of companionship. There's a saying well known on the AT and that's "Walk your own hike." And that's basically all I got out of this documentary and I got it within the first 20 minutes of watching it. There are certain good points in the documentary that did strike an emotional chord involving one's loss of his best pal and thats the only reason I give it 2 stars out of the half I was gonna give. I seriously don't see how this doc got any awards. There's hardly any scenery and most of this movie is them talking on rocks. You'll find better personal AT videos on Youtube if thats all you want to see is a bunch of talking. If you have never seen an AT doc before and you happen to be a chick, you might dig it. If you a dude who doesn't want to get a migraine from all the facepalms you will give yourself from the senseless women logic, stay away!!!
June 27, 2012
Saw it in PA june 26th-- huge crowd-- 3 more shows in PA with q and a after, sort of like a soap opera only more fun, it must have been hard to take 51/2 months and compress it to only 65 minutes , definitely not a fitness freak movie.
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