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Because I Said So Quotes

  • Mae Wilder: Mom, why do you always wear the high tops?
    Daphne Wilder: Because I just got these, what's wrong with these?
    Maggie Wilder: They're just kinda depressing.
    Milly Wilder: Mom, for your sixtieth birthday, we'll buy you something beautiful, something that grandma Moses would not wear.

  • Daphne Wilder: What are you gonna do with your hair? Maybe you oughta button these buttons, you look like you're asking for it.
    Milly Wilder: I am asking for it!

  • Daphne Wilder: I say marriage, you say...

  • Daphne Wilder: God couldn't be everywhere so that is why he invented mothers.
    Maggie Wilder: What? That was on a Hallmark card we gave you.

  • Jason: Gotta love a woman in a polka dots. Not everyone can pull it off.

  • Daphne Wilder: Cooper is in heat.
    Maggie Wilder: Mom, Cooper is a boy.

  • Lionel: You have a vagina!

  • Milly Wilder: I'm gonna be just like you, Mom.

  • Mae Wilder: You're not a helicopter, Mom. Quit hovering.

  • Milly Wilder: I think he has a hot-dog with a bun!

  • Daphne Wilder: Because I said so!

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