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Tretya meshchanskaya (Bed and Sofa) Reviews

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June 23, 2011
1927. I won't expect to see scenes like those ..
½ October 2, 2008
Charming, great ending, surprisingly modern-styled acting.
July 19, 2008
Nikolai Batalov - my favorite silent Soviet film actor! Interesting and strange.
May 18, 2008
With such classic films as 'Battleship Potemkin', 'October' and 'Earth' it's easy to see why Alexander Room's 'Bed and Sofa' has been overshadowed by the more dazzling and dramatic films of the Soviet Montage experiment. But Room's film is perhaps the most sophisticated, modern and daring film made during the silent era of Soviet filmmaking. Dealing with adultery, abortions, love triangles and female self-determination, this film is not at all what Western audiences might expect coming out of the Soviet Union.
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