Before the Revolution (Prima della rivoluzione) Reviews

February 22, 2017
The style, the narrative and the message may not be particularly revolutionary in themselves, but Bertolucci as a director with enormous promise is still in there, pitching away.
April 25, 2016
A brilliant, crammed, allusive work.
August 10, 2012
April 10, 2011
Altogether a dazzling film, both continually vital and something of a time capsule.
April 8, 2011
Both the vices and virtues of youthful confidence are apparent in its muddied complexity and fluid brilliance.
April 7, 2011
A cerebral and involving film whose vigour is undimmed after 47 years.
April 7, 2011
This is a fascinating apprentice effort, even if it is full of dated, gimmicky effects borrowed from Jean-Luc Godard.
March 30, 2011
Revolution is vibrantly shot, scored and edited, yet permeated by a mood of disenchantment.
Top Critic
December 7, 2007
In all of Bertolucci's movies, there's a central conflict between the 'radical' impulses and a pessimistic (and/or willing) capitulation to the mainstream of bourgeois society and culture.
December 7, 2007
One of the masterpieces of Italian cinema -- and director Bertolucci was only in his early twenties when he completed it.
December 7, 2007
Here is a new talent of outstanding promise.
December 7, 2007
Cinematically, the film is technically accomplished, but shows Bertolucci still developing his distinctive style.
January 1, 2000
The contrary attractions of sensuality and politics have been the subject of many of Bertolucci's films, but the conflict is presented most passionately and personally here.