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Being John Malkovich Quotes

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  • Lotte Schwartz: Suck my dick!
    ‐ Submitted by Jason S (2 years ago)

  • Larry the Agent: John! Great to see you! Sorry about the cunt at reception.
    ‐ Submitted by Jeff G (4 years ago)

  • John Malkovich: It's my head, Schwartz! It's my head!
    ‐ Submitted by Alejandro O (4 years ago)

  • Maxine Lund: I think the world is divided into those who go after what they want and those who don't. The passionate ones, the ones who go after what they want, they may not get what they want, but at least they remain vital, you know? So when they lie on their deathbeds, they have few regrets.
    ‐ Submitted by Tomas K (4 years ago)

  • Craig Schwartz: I think, I feel, I suffer.
    ‐ Submitted by Tomas K (4 years ago)

  • Charlie Sheen: Truth is for suckers, Johnny Boy
    ‐ Submitted by Mariana B (4 years ago)

  • Craig Schwartz: What happens when a man goes through his own portal?
    ‐ Submitted by Alexander S (5 years ago)

  • Craig Schwartz: Do you know what a metaphysical can of worms this portal is?
    ‐ Submitted by Chris P (5 years ago)

  • Craig Schwartz: Nobody's looking for a puppeteer in today's wintry economic climate.
    ‐ Submitted by Chris P (5 years ago)

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