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June 17, 2008
Devilishly inventive and so far out there it's almost off the scale.
February 8, 2008
This outrageous comic fantasy may not sustain its brilliance throughout its 112 minutes, but it keeps cooking for so much of that time that I don't have many complaints.
July 26, 2007
The movie is so successful at being so far on the fringe, it often isolates.
July 23, 2007
Will benefit greatly from repeat viewings and fervent post-viewing deconstruction.
July 14, 2007
A film that seems to make all the right choices.
April 27, 2007
By the time the tunnel worthy of the likes of Gulliver and Alice becomes a freeway clogged with bit players, a big chill has descended on all the characters.
January 7, 2007
In just a few years, with a flurry of wildly imaginative films and three Oscar nominations, Kaufman has managed to join the likes of David Mamet, Stephen King, William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde on the short list of screenwriting superstars.
December 6, 2005
A triumph. Featuring a bizarrely original storyline, the screenplay by Charlie Kaufman is brought to the screen by Jonze in what may turn out to be one of the funniest films of the year.
July 21, 2005
It is hard to mix moods -- the film is manic, subtle, comic and vaguely sad -- but [Jonze] does it masterfully.
April 9, 2005
A surrealistic ride into a fantasy world that is unique and never before seen.
January 2, 2005
...dense with ideas and non sequitur surprises, a viewer-friendly fun house of a film that asks only that we enjoy the ride. It is smart without seeming challenging...
December 31, 2004
Charlie Kaufman must be a monkey's uncle...
December 6, 2004
This is "Alice in Wonderland" for this decade; its heroes crawl down rabbit holes into a world of gender role and sexual identity conflicts.
June 23, 2004
No one will accuse music-video director Spike Jonze of making his feature-film debut with a boring, conventional movie.
May 14, 2003
Premises don't come packaged more cleverly than this one. Stellar cast, eclectic story and a peculiar concept render this an imaginative albeit uneven two hours of unusual movie entertainment.
February 8, 2003
I highly recommend being John Malkovich. And if you can't do it, at least see the film.
November 7, 2002
Being John Malkovich is one head-trip of a comedy.
November 6, 2002
It's clever, witty, dark and, most importantly, unwaveringly bizarre.
October 30, 2002
Jonze's style s in his own inventive manner and, whilst the subject matter is certainly off-the-wall, the dialogue is spot on.
October 15, 2002
What it leaves behind is a dizzying sense of exhilaration, like being bathed in champagne.
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