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August 22, 2018
Gillian's struggles and sacrifices prove a bit discouraging from a feminist perspective, but it's still a delightful movie, and the soundtrack is fantastic.
April 20, 2015
Stewart, playing the foil, deserves better material, and the movie's midsection is perfunctory. But the fun quotient is high ...
August 20, 2012
This whimsical comedy about modern-day witches stars Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak in their second teaming (after Vertigo), but it's the supporting cast that shines.
April 23, 2012
The airy Novak makes a strong impression, Stewart's comic chops remain in fine fettle, and the distinctive supporting cast can't be beat... [Blu-ray]
May 13, 2006
Realizado no mesmo ano de Um Corpo que Cai, traz Stewart e Novak sem um pingo da intensidade exibida no longa de Hitchcock. E por mais que Lemmon seja divertido, o filme soa como um ensaio mal-sucedido de A Feiticeira.
May 8, 2005
January 17, 2005
Yep, I'm going to say it: Bewitching!
December 11, 2004
May 24, 2004
May 23, 2004
Expert film version of the play with gay subtext for days.
December 5, 2003
April 10, 2003
April 7, 2001
...a charming bit of whimsy.