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July 27, 2013
Loved the plot, scenes and caters bit it left a lot to figure out
½ May 16, 2013
It was ok..nothing great but I did like the friendship between Bella and the male friend..very touching relationship. It was boring though.
May 4, 2013
a beautiful story with incredible acting and cinematography
April 25, 2013
little bit strange movie, but i liked it..:)
April 19, 2013
The critics are wrong about this film. Its worth your time.
March 18, 2013
Four stars nicest movie ever!
½ January 31, 2013
It was an excellent drama about healing and forgiveness. However it left me with mixed feelings.
January 21, 2013
Not sure why the critics didn't stand behind this one. Fantastic film!
January 17, 2013
Good Story that exalts good rather than evil - something that has become quite rare in modern movies. A different kind of love story.
January 5, 2013
Such a beautiful film about how one person can change your life forever and it may be someone you never expected.
½ December 6, 2012
A nice story about being there for someone in need. The story is very real. The acting very good. Nice to see an indie film set in a friendly spanish culture in New York without having to being subjected to all kinds of guns and violence.
November 14, 2012
I reaaallly want to see this!
September 12, 2012
great movie! very touching
July 20, 2012
You could Guess the Story in the First 5 minutes ...too damn slow :(
June 26, 2012
Slow moving film, but intriguing characters and artful performances keep you engaged.
½ June 9, 2012
Beautiful sentiments and a great inspiration to all the guys out there to take good care of women out there because they deserve it. Well executed emotions and very pleasant to watch. Thank you!
½ April 30, 2012
cuz the guy is extremely hot.thats all
½ April 14, 2012
Very thought provoking, great movie!
April 9, 2012
amazing movie and story
½ March 16, 2012
I want to see it again. Straightforward and deep, if you'd care to--and be honest enough to--really appreciate the complications of ordinary people faced with extraordinary problems that hit them like a train.
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