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December 8, 2017
Ridiculously funny. More of a sketch show than a movie, and not all the sketches work, but the ones that do are masterful. I loved the scene with Stanley Laurel.
½ October 7, 2017
Jerry Lewis was already a huge star when this film came out, but this film marked his first outing as a director and it's an assured first film. Like most Lewis directed comedies, the film is often series of vignette comic set pieces. Jerry's "Kid" character is a Miami hotel bellboy who has lots of various tasks that mostly go comically awry, whether it's answering phones, having to fill an enormous ballroom with chairs, or conducting an imaginary orchestra, it's all quite funny. There's no real story and this is even openly stated by the film's fiction producer at the film's outset. An interesting film history note, Jerry is credited with creating the video-assist technique on this film, where he put monitors on the set that allowed him to immediately see what was filmed live on set, which is now a standard practice on films. Overall, the film is nothing brilliant, but it's quite enjoyable and a solid directorial debut for Lewis. Milton Berle and Walter Winchell have cameo appearances and future longtime Lewis collaborator Bill Richardson appears in the film as Stan Laurel.
September 15, 2017
I really liked this film. I found the slap stick comedy really impressive. I think all of it was very well done. The acting by all the actors was all great. Sometimes it was the other actors who helped tell the story and make Jerry Lewis work best because a lot of it relied on the actors since Jerry Lewis often would not say anything.

What stood out to me about this film was the writing of the comedy was really smart.

The camera cuts stood out to me about this film. I like how they were able to make the camera cuts go from one time of day to another with a camera flash or have no crowd to a complete crowd, or go from Jerry Lewis go into the elevator to coming out of the elevator as a different character. The cuts almost seem seamless and often I don't see when the cuts are done.

They also did a great job of not making Jerry Lewis character of Stanley speak only whistle, or use facial expressions in a way that was reasonable to believe.

I was impressed by the film. At no point did I feel like the comedy did not work.

I was impressed that Jerry Lewis did this as his first directing debut, that he wrote the story for this film, and produced the film. I felt like this was a cohesive story.
½ August 25, 2017
In commemoration of Jerry Lewis' sad loss this year I thought it fitting to re-visit the film he mad as a director.

Definitely not the typical Lewis' film in which played himself & a Bellboy. More a vehicle for his humor & sight gags.

He really was the early 'Jim Carey' with an incredible ability to be such a physical comedian. Shame he has left us but we still have a legacy of his films.
½ March 12, 2016
ok slapstick comedy harkens back to the good ole silent days
December 10, 2014
Though it has no story or plot, I greatly enjoyed The Bellboy, basically a series of scenes in which he doesn't speak but gets progressively in deeper trouble in his bellboy position. I wish more comedies, especially by cast members of SNL or SCTV, would take this approach--I think they'd be more successful. When it comes to Jerry Lewis, my thoughts are almost like the French in considering him a genius. I love his experimental nature behind the camera. I think at times he can be just as intelligent as Godard but with the audacity or balls to be his own muse rather than try and find an alter ego.
May 5, 2014
You can say what you want about Jerry Lewis, but this movie is truly comedic genius and (along with "The Ladies Man") one of his best films.
April 20, 2014
A funny series of comedy short sketches by the comedy master, Jerry Lewis.
April 18, 2014
The Bellboy is probably Jerry Lewis' most experimental film, and also one of his best. Unlike other comedies where there's a plot to make jokes out of, this movie is just a collection of vignettes featuring a group of recurring characters, which are all workers at a high end hotel. You can just see the possibilities flowing out of that sentence. Any possible gag is used, phones, elevators, dogs, models, orchestras, chairs, all of them are here, and many are at their best. While the style of the film might turn some people away, it's a must watch for any that can appreciate short order comedy.
Super Reviewer
½ December 15, 2013
A successful debut of Jerry behind the cameras and still making great scenes with slapstick and physical comedy.
November 4, 2013
It was inspired enjoyable comic yarn- bouncing between fantasy and some realty based bits of comedy.
½ June 28, 2013
The comedy in this... often slapstick... is very lame and Lewis's exaggerated and over the top mannerism are often irritating. I think I laughed about twice throughout the entire movie.
May 19, 2013
He always makes me laugh anyway
½ December 19, 2012
There's no plot for this film, it's just a series of comic vignettes with Jer as a troublesome bellhop at a prestigious hotel. lots of laughs, even the dumbest gags are cleverly handled. Jerry's first full-length features as a director (though he had directed an obscure short ' How to Smuggle a Hernia Across the Border' in 1949)
December 13, 2012
what's the matter with you can't you talk? sure i can talk hahaha
November 19, 2012
As close as Jerry Lewis could ever have gotten to Jacques Tati, this film which he wrote and directed is a compilation of raw comedic sketches without the false and predictable pretences of a plot.
November 7, 2012
So funny, a classic comedy movie
½ July 13, 2012
Very funny slapstick (and other assorted schtick) crammed into a fast-paced 70 minutes. Lewis is at the top of his game, and the vignettes his composes for himself are truly hilarious. To call the plot paper-thin would not be true, because there is no discernible plot (AT ALL), and a narrative throughline of some kind (any kind!) would have certainly made the movie better, but as a highlight reel showcasing Lewis' prowess, this is unquestionably effective and successful at what it tries to be.
April 28, 2012
One of the greatest comedians of all time in possibly his best role
½ April 9, 2012
this one was funny...
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