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½ May 1, 2015
aside from the opening Dvorak performance, this is a beautiful-looking bore. This is as much an homage to Bunuel as Blue Velvet is to Capra.
August 26, 2012
A poor attempt to make a tribute to the classic drama. Catherine Deneuve was definitely missing in the title role, but she most likely had her reasons to decline her participation. It is good that Oliveira was able to convince Michel Piccoli to reprise the role of Henri Husson. But if I were him, I would hot have made this film without Catherine Deneuve reprising her role of Severine.

The title was chosen smartly - Belle Toujours (A Beauty Forever) as a tribute to Belle De Jour (A Beauty for a Day). Too bad that the director could not move further than that. Nice views of Paris and good music, though.
November 16, 2011
Ah, another great film by Manuel de Oliveira. With the amazing grandpere, Michel Piccoli.
I have nothing to say about this film, except EXQUISITELY BEAUTIFUL.
½ September 11, 2011
clocking in at a short 69 minutes the film opens up saying," a homage to luis bunel" but its more of a sequel of sorts to bunel's "belle du juor" even the lead returns to his role in this but alas catherine denueve is replaced by another very interesting.
December 20, 2009
No entendi ni jota, quizas por lo surrealista o por las copas de mas de esa noche.
July 12, 2009
hadn't watched the original but I really enjoyed this.
June 22, 2009
If you found out that a sequel to Bunuel's classic 'Belle de Jour' had been made, you swear that the prospective director was batshit crazy. Talk about a hiding to nothing. Manoel de Oliveira's no hack. In fact, he's the eldest film maker still working prolifically - 101 years young! 'Belle Toujours' reunites Henri and Severine from the original. He's still hung up about their past, she tries to avoid him though her need to discover what he told her husband about her former life as a prostitute forces a confrontation, in which Henri extracts revenge he's waited four decades for. It's all rather slight, the pacing purposefully, rightfully slow as de Oliveira extracts the sense of growing old and the memories still harboured after all these years. The cinematography of Parisienne skylines or rain-soaked streets is superb and the two main performances are fine, though one wonders why Deneuve wasn't involved.
½ April 12, 2009
Retomando personajes originales de BELLE DE JOUR de LUIS BU√?UEL, OLIVEIRA toma libremente, 38 a√Īos despu√®s el relato de la mujer casada que en una mezcla de acto sadomasoquista, se prostituye por las tardes secretamente.

Con tan sòlo 68 minutos, a OLIVEIRA le alcanzan para delinear una hermosa historia que ve a MICHEL PICCOLI ( actor de màs de 200 films ) reinterpretando a HUSSON, en su rol de amigo personal del marido de SEVERINE, èsta vez interpretado por BULLE OGIER antiguamente CATHERINE DENEUVE.
Al igual que en la original es constante el rechazo de SEVERINE hacia HUSSON, cuestion por la cual HUSSON se siente atraido, con ganas de vivir lo que vivieron otros, pero a esta edad, la idea es reencontrarse, conversar sobre el pasado, develar ciertos interrogantes que no dejan seguir viviendo a los personajes.

March 3, 2009
Oliveira homage to Bunuel. Beautiful movie, no story; the best part is Jeanne d'Arc.
July 10, 2008
Michel Piccoli's turn as an aging lothario dandy is an absolute gem; he helps flesh out de Oliveira's otherwise abstract notions regarding the intersection of social class with sexual desire. I think I prefer de Oliveira's rational contemplation of irrational desires to the thoroughly irrational absurdity of Bunuel's original, but don't mistake that for a recommendation.
½ July 5, 2008
I may never know why de Oliveira decided to revisit the characters of "Belle de Jour", but even seen at some distance from the original, his film is stately and intriguing. Some may be disappointed to find that the construction is far different than the original, but if this'd been an attempt to simply recreate Bunuel, it would be a failure.

Instead, cinema's senior statesman provides two of France's greatest living actors with two excellent late career roles. Some may have missed Deneuve, but I most assuredly didn't. Leave her to Vuitton ads and give me Bulle Ogier any day! She's icier than ever and her work with Rivette deserves to revisited. And, since I'm talking about Bunuel, her "Discreet Charm" character may just be my favorite in his lengthy career.

Back to this film . . . de Oliveira's pacing and interplay between silence and dialogue is masterful. It's a formal film, but he knows exactly what is and more importantly, isn't necessary. The Dvor√°k is fitting as is the single overt attempt at surrealism.
½ February 23, 2008
This is a very delicious film by the 95 year old Portuguese director Manoel de Olivera. It's premise is--what wd happen if forty year after Belle du Jour--Belle Played here by Bulle Ogier who is great--almost (doll like--until--) and Michel Piccoli reprising his role Belle du Jour. The dierction I think is very unique in today's cinema--very sbutle and sophsiticated plays of words, facial expressions, hand gestures, natural sounds, orchestrated to create a kind of mind game in which the two characters bargain over what will be the "truth" of the past. I can't rememeber when I enjoyed a fim so much for all the subtleties and Olivera's personal twists to Bunuel's twists--Piccoli and Ogier are at their best and Ricardo Trepa is fantastic--he creates a very strange persona, one who's forthrightness at the same time is built entriely of secerets. a very amazing film in every way
½ November 24, 2007
I may be biaised because the director is Portuguese, but I still think it's a great idea. Basically the idea is: let's look at the characters of "Belle de Jour" and imagine what they're like 40 years later
November 22, 2007
Worst movie of the year
Just an insult to Belle de jour...
November 19, 2007
Very interesting sequel.
November 12, 2007
definitivamente el cine de Manoel de Oliviera no me apasiona ni un poquito.
October 18, 2007
The dinner in this movie is one of the best scenes in all of recent cinema. This is an excellent homage to Belle de Jour.
October 14, 2007
One great master of cinema pays homage to another in Belle Toujours, Manoel de Oliveira's pseudo-sequel to Luis Bunuel's classic Belle de Jour. Thankfully, De Oliveira doesn't attempt to replicate Bunuel's original film--Bunuel's and de Oliveira's respective styles are too singular and too disparate from one another for such an exercise to succeed--so much as add a footnote to it. As a result, Belle Toujours is a meditation on the past and the present and the inability to reconcile the two, and as such fits in well with de Oliveira's other films of late. Michel Piccoli commands the screen in the same roll he essayed 40 years ago, while Bulle Ogier steps into Catherine Deneuve's shoes and acquits herself admirably. De Oliveira has crafted an intriguing little film that, while occassionally frustrating, is ultimately served better by its differences from its forebear.
½ September 15, 2007
Beautifully shot - paced as an elderly sequel to 'Belle De Jour' - it boldly and elegantly accomplishes it's task of homage epilogue. People argue that when Husson essentially deconstructs the original film in the bar scene, much is lost by such open revelation of the subtext - but age, trauma and the subconscious both repress AND reveal over time. Why does meaning always have to be repressed and camoflauged in art? It may just reveal itself as a chicken apparition in a hallway 40 years down the line. Bravo to de Oliviera for doing this film at 97 years old.
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