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January 2, 2018
This is actually not as bad as i was expecting but i only watched it as my friend gave it to me to laugh at!
Seagal looks fat and old and the slo-mo close ups of him show his jiggling belly.
½ January 28, 2017
Decent little Steven Seagal direct-to-video film is helped by having a Hong Kong action director and stunt crew who manage to make the now rather anemic fighting by this film's star more exciting. I will readily admit to being a fan of Seagal and have a morbid fascination with his onscreen persona as the soft spoken Buddhist who then unleashes bone breaking fists of fury at a moments notice (he doesn't seem to do kicks anymore). The story has Seagal as an ex-CIA agent rescuing his kidnapped daughter. It's not exactly "Taken" but director Ching Siu Tung and his stunt team manage to put enough sound and fury around Seagal to make this film a bit more exciting than most of Seagal's direct-to-video output. According to IMDB, the director chose to shoot most of the action scenes without Seagal and then add him in later. Seagal did not care for this and made a stink, resulting in the director and his stunt crew walking off the set, but producers apparently convinced Seagal to go along with it, which I think resulted in a better film.
November 28, 2016
Another low budget Steven Seagal movie as it centers on him as ex-CIA pursuing on the kidnappers who kidnapped his daughter while hanging around with friends in Manila, who would eventually team up with his old partner again.
April 5, 2016
Another slightly more competent Seagal pot boiler. This is one of the first where the stunt doubles and bad dubbing become really obvious but the action is there.
½ January 27, 2016
The best of Seagal's DTV movies. Great action
½ October 10, 2013
A beautiful down to earth feel and scenery to this movie make the show tick along. However the ladies are not great actors and let the show down badly. The story is formulated and lacks any real spark apart from the Karate stand in for Steven, who needs more padding as he does not look like the Sumo that Steven has become. Nibbles: Sticky Rice with Mango.
March 12, 2013
Du Seagal classique des annees 2000, avec des combats frenetiques, mais plutot moches (quoi que Siu-Tung Ching s'en sort finalement pas si mal), un personnage secondaire qui ne sert absolument a rien (mais la, c'est le sympathique Byron Mann) et notre cachalot aikidoka prefere qui balance de la manchette a tour de bras, sans esquisser un sourire. Trop long, comme d'habitude.
February 28, 2013
This movie is awesome to say the least. It has a lot of twists and turns.
December 30, 2012
The story wasn't bad by itself, but it had some really odd scenes and fights that seemed at least to me impossible. I didn't get any of the hocus pocus. One major minus in my opinion was the use of guns to kill so many people (yep, they were bad guys, but they were still people). I haven't thought of myself as such a pacifist unti after seeing some films by Steven Seagal. Ok, I know, its self defense and all, but I just don't like watching people getting shot, blood and guts and all that. The martial arts was better in this film, although too incredible for my taste.
I got this on DVD, like all my seagal movies, but I don't recall the disc having any extras.
The film had much too few Aikido-moves for my taste, except one whoppy shiho-nage, which was funny to see because Seagal was using his huge height advantage - the guy practically flew over Seagal when he did that. Most of the moves seemed to me like they were out of some "matrix" films or traditional chinese kung-fu flics where people can actually fly.
It looked to me more kung-fu and firearms movie than anything else. I get the idea that a martial arts master can accomplish seemingly impossible feats, but swinging a katana to split arrows in half mid-air was just too much for me. I wonder what kind of power would be required to fling an attacker backwards 20 feet through air using only two fists. Man, does he look mean.. Looking mean is Seagal's trademark.
Its not a terrible movie, but I have seen better Seagal films.
December 7, 2012
Would like to get round to watching.
August 27, 2012
Not one of Seagal's best movies, but not overly horrible either. The plot is typical Direct-To-DVD Seagal stuff and the acting is subpar, but then again Seagal is past his prime at this point.
½ May 23, 2012
Can't stand Steven Seagal
April 28, 2012
The movie was typical Seagal, don't watch it if you don't like what he always does. I kinda liked it!! Does anyone know the name of the "Demon" statue behind the evil magician?
April 4, 2012
you know Segal old fat a$$ dont move like that no more
½ October 9, 2011
Just your everyday Steven Seagal movie :) The story is easy told but seen on screen, its acually very neat. Steven does what he does best and it works.
March 31, 2011
Belly of the Beast, wauw a very good movie.
The best movie with Steven Seagal.
½ January 23, 2011
I actually enjoyed this one for the pure nonsensical, ridiculous over the top action with absolutely no story other than "they have my daughter". That's what Seagal does, he kills people, and he does a lot of that in this movie. Is it one of his best? No far from it, but for his later films it is okay.
January 2, 2011
Not bad but not brilliant
October 15, 2010
It's rather the big-belly of Steven Seagal...
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