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½ September 29, 2010
CIA, ex-CIA, some Kung-Fu master... geez. If someone would give him a one of a kind role and with a big bugs budget, then he can be a good actor. Don't blame Seagal, blame directors and writers.
½ August 8, 2010
Was alright up until about the last 10-15 mins where it just went shit.
August 1, 2010
Last Viewed: 25/07/2010
½ July 28, 2010
Not one of the best Steven Seagal films that I've seen compared to the likes of Under Siege. This is mainly due to there being a distinct lack of any tangible story to keep the viewer interested throughout. Along with some rather diabolical dialogue that just does the film no favours whatsoever. However, the martial arts action is of a good enough quality to just about make up for the lack of a quality storyline. Therefore, if you are a fan of martial arts action based films this is definitely worth a watch.
July 9, 2010
naff film that may be one of seagals best straight to dvd films but his powers are gone at this point....from the aikido to just the plain bad ass he always was
June 26, 2010
This was nowhere near as good as his first half-dozen movies. Had plenty of action and fighting by Seagal, so it was ok. But not a keeper!
Super Reviewer
May 4, 2010
Wait, is this about Seagal's belly or something?
March 18, 2010
Belly of the Beast is a movie about a guy named Stevan Seagal, who kills people. Then a man attacks him and kills him with a pistil (9 MM). And after that, steven seagal gets in a car and chase down the bad guys and kills them. a classic movie!!!!!!!!!
February 13, 2010
STEVE SEAGAL SUCKS... it feels great every time I say it... real good.
January 8, 2010
A typically generic and tedious Steven Seagal straight-to-DVD special. Outside of the boring, join-the-dots plot the main problem with the movie is the man himself: Seagal is simply too hard to take seriously with his obvious weight issues and sleep-inducing demeanour and it's so painfully obvious when a stunt double appears to perform the more, shall we say "athletic" moves. Then there's the sight of a sexy young Thai woman pawing all over him (including a ridiculous, though mercifully short and non-explicit love scene), which is just wrong in so many ways. Does the film have anything going for it? Well the acting from the supporting cast is OK and some of the action and fight choreography is pretty good (the kung fu sword guys were cool) but aside for that, it's garbage. Poor Byron Mann, he deserves better.
January 7, 2010
In the same vein of his other films. Daughter gets kidknapped, Seagal kicks some ass and gets her back. No real shocks.
January 7, 2010
Astonishingly bad, but in a good way. It's never really dull, it's unintentionally hilarious in places, and the action is almost entertaining especially if you're a gun-polishing maniac. The end sequence with the CGI arrow and the voodoo has to be seen to be disbelieved. An ok film for when you've just returned from the pub with a Chinese takeaway.
January 7, 2010
Steven Seagal is the most consistently bad actor in the history of cinema. As of the end of 2009 he's been in 36 films, none of which are good and only one of which isn't terrible (Under Siege, as if anybody could care less.) To be fair, I haven't seen them all, but I sure as hell feel like I have. If you've seen one, you've seen 'em all and they all suck. He's so one dimensional and it's not like it's even a good dimension.
As for Belly Of The Beast. Same same...
January 6, 2010
Segal's stuntman does most of the work. Oh and the movie is dumb too.
½ September 1, 2009
I am not into Steven Seagal nor this type of martial arts film. It's not without some merit, there are some decent scenes. Very violent and lots of gunfire, explosions and killing. Only for those who like these sort of films.
August 30, 2009
This movie gets 5 stars simply because Seagal fights a transsexual in it.
July 20, 2009
Seagal goes South Asian style, with voodoo, monks and ladyboys.
July 17, 2009
This wasn't too bad...Seagal has made worse !
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