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Below Quotes

  • Lt. Brice: Try not to fraternize with the men. They can be a little... strange.
    Claire Page: Strange, as in superstitious?
    Lt. Brice: As in "strange."
    Lt. Brice: As in 'strange.'

  • Hoag: Three redcoats... and guess what? One of 'ems a bleeder!

  • Lt. Brice: Now I realize why he didn't kill me too. He didn't have to.

  • Lt. Brice: Mister Loomis, where's our crew?

  • Lt. Brice: [first lines] [hands coordinates to captain]
    Kingsley: This is almost a day behind us.
    Kingsley: Well who are they? Americans, Brits, Italians? It doesn't even say.
    Lt. Brice: Well I think we can assume they're friendly, Mr. Winters. Besides, it doesn't appear to be a suggestion, does it.

  • Stumbo: Hoag, are you pushing him up or feeling him up?
    Hoag: I've got a dead kraut dick in my face and you're complainin'? Come on Stumbo!

  • Hoag: What if, when we took on that kraut ship, we didn't sink 'em? What if... they sunk us?
    Weird Wally: Oh, that's a good twist.

  • Lt. Loomis: Maybe we're spending more time watching that broad than watching our backs.

  • Claire Page: [last lines] You say whatever you have to say, Ensign. I'll always believe you were brought back here for a reason.

  • Lt. Loomis: It used to feel like a big ocean, didn't it?

  • Lt. Brice: [snaps] You're not skipper of this ship.
    Capt. Douglas O'Dell: [snaps back] And neither are you, sir.

  • Hoag: Best lookin' bad luck I ever saw.

  • Lt. Loomis: Grow some dicks and shut up!

  • Lt. Loomis: Sorry about what?
    Lt. Brice: Uh... she was... asking about Winters.
    Lt. Loomis: What'd you tell her?
    Lt. Brice: The story.

  • Lt. Brice: I feeling better much now.

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