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A ferocious and cannibalistic Viking warrior from the 10th century is an incarnate reality in the backwoods of Utah and preys upon luckless college students in this horror feature--which contains sex, nudity, gore and violence.
Horror , Mystery & Suspense
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While it features an interesting premise, Berserker almost completely fails to deliver upon it as it becomes tedious and forgettable slasher film that alternates between cheesy bear attack scenes and cheesy Viking-with-a-bear-mask scenes....

Al Miller
Al Miller

Berserker is the hilarious 1987 slasher/nature run-amok horror film about 3 young, dumb, and horny couples spending time out in a vacation cabin in the woods who are all suddenly stalked by what appears to be a bear at first, but is actually a possessed ancient nordic Viking going apeshit in the woods. Yes, that is the movie, and what a movie it is. The first half establishes the classic lineup of teenagers in a horror film: the jerk, the hot slutty guy, the hot slutty girl, the nerd. There's even the mysterious cabin owner Pappy (played by the most famous person within the film, George "Buck" Flower, using a hilarious Scandinavian accent) as well as a cop who knows more about the legends than he's mentioning. The movie had the chance to be a cult classic, especially after a hotter-than-average sex scene, equipped with ample amounts of titties, bush, and ass, along with back-to-back women slayings, but then the rest of the film falls apart and becomes boring. The end result opens up a bevy of plot holes when the viking is revealed, which doesn't add up (in continuity) with the killings in the movie. That's another thing. The body count it way too low and the survivor number is much too high. Granted, this film tried to be unique and different, but I can now see why there isn't much demand for its resurrection and it continues to stay forgotten amongst the horror crowd.

Jason Duron
Jason Duron

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