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½ May 1, 2017
As a Time Capsule look at the waning years of the post-war '50's woman, before widespread use of The Pill, a dozen years before Title IX that changed everything, this is a fascinating film. As an 8-yr old at the time, these gals are remembered on the occasional venture downtown & into pop's office bldg in the South. Wish women still dressed & looked like this - no longer do they go to church so femininely attired. Maybe in NYC. Would like to have been more aware of their overweening plots for catching a man - would've been interesting to insert a few plot twists to make it more fun. The male office predation though, that needed to go, for sure. Very unattractive, disgusting even. So, as a movie ... not fantastic. As a look back in time, at the time, with Donna Reed at the top of the Ratings, back into the Trumplican fiction of when America was great again, fascinating. (And the Color by DeLuxe was nice, too! ... seriously.)
December 18, 2013
soapy classic from fox campy and fun
June 11, 2012
the most politcally incorrect movie - but well acted
½ April 6, 2011
Three and a half stars if I pretend I never read the book.

Please, just read the book. Rona Jaffe's novel is a soap opera, to be sure, but it's full of emotion and character. This movie removes anything of substance and leaves you with the glossy shell. The female leads are beautiful, the men are blocks of wood, and Joan is ten years too old, and way too bitchy in the "Samantha Jones" role.

Joan movie 44 of 81 for me.
½ November 12, 2010
One of the best worst movies because it's "camp" through and through. Listen to some of the lines: "No ambition, Carolyn?" as if having ambition leads females to their doom. Still, the movie does deal with sexual harrassment, love affairs with married men, and low wages. Joan Crawford is a hoot. Enjoy this "chick flick." A sense of humor is a requirement.
½ May 23, 2010
Good enough that I stayed up 2 hours later than anticipated to watch it. Interesting idea, esp. in 1959 (anti-hero in every way), women with careers, and Joan Crawford playing a good-intentioned b*tch. It had drama, suspense, and an interesting interpretation of what it means to be a working woman. A little too melodramatic much of the time. B+
March 24, 2010
It was awful. It was how the world was for women in 1959. AND I really didn't need to know!
March 10, 2009
joan doesn't have a big part in this movie. the whole movie is just 50s proganda to show that women can't find love and keep a job at the same time. joan plays a women who feels she's wasted her life by keeping her job and turning down the man she ever loved. because you can't keep a family and have a secure job at the same time.
½ February 26, 2009
[font=Impact]Saw this film for the first time today. Im making my way thru Ms. Crawfords film career. (Trog and a few others excluded) [/font]
[font=Impact]Was APALLED at sexism that was par for the course for a working woman back then. That scene where Ms. Colorado gets jumped on by her boss and then he gives her 2 SANDWICHES and 20$ to pay her off. and then she actually EATS the sandwich?! Oh My. Then Hope Lange becomes an executive and STILL lives with 2 girls in an 1 room walk up?! I think not. Or how's about when Ms. Colorado gets knocked up and her boyfriends TELLS her they're going to get married and lets her buy a dress and all. Well he picks her up and acts all cool and then SUPRISE he tells her they're going to somewhere "just as clean as a hospital" to "get rid" of her "problem" (she was "a girl in trouble" as the parlance of the time went) Not to mention that the absolute best thing a woman could do in this film was get married and have kids (with a husband that, if the behavior of the men in the movie is ANY indication; will inevitably cheat on her.) [/font]
[font=Impact]But NEVERMIND that.....The few minutes Ms., Crawford is onscreen are GREAT! All the Mommie Dearest hateful sarcasm you could ever want,delivered coldly enough to chill an eskimo! [/font]
[font=Impact]Shes a RAVING beyotch! But before you write it off as her just playing the grand damme she has 1 scene where she gets to play stiff-upper lip-ballbuster who's just misunderstood and secretly desprately wants to be a "real woman" (i.e. get married and have kids) [/font]
[font=Impact]Overall its a joy to watch. Great hair,great wardrobe. Lange's pink Channel-esque suit and pearls at the hospital as well as all the hot-gloves-shoes combos are the epitome of 50's glamour. The hairstyles are getting away from the tight pinned subdued coifs of 1950 and starting to veery towards the huge laquered elaborate hair of the 1960's professional woman. Miss Crawford's hair aint the best but the red blonde color is nice.[/font]
[font=Impact]I reccomend this on a night you wanna stay in and watch a cheesy fun girl movie or over morning coffee with the girls.[/font]
December 29, 2008
The kind of melodrama where a character can wander into an immaculate city alleyway and immediately pick up a stray kitten just to give a line reading more dramatic emphasis. At first I thought the gender politics here were just unremarkably retro, but as the film progresses and tries to up the emotional stakes, things take a turn for the near-sadistic.
November 28, 2008
good Sirk like weepie
November 9, 2008
Complete trash, but in a great way. Hope Lange and Joan Crawford work in the Seagram Building. Unmarried girl gets "in the family way" and has nervous breakdown filmed with tilted camera like an episode of Batman.
½ July 31, 2008
I thought this movie would have a little more lightness to it. It follows a lot of the old cliche's about men and how stupid women can be when in love.
July 6, 2008
One of my absolute favorites! The acting is great, costumes and sets are visually stunning and stylish, and yes, the problems that the girls in the movie face are still relevant today. Some great lines, as well.
April 14, 2008
I liked the movie was a bit dperessing but so close to the truth and real life...its uncanny! In fact it is relevant even today...
March 21, 2008
I did not really like this movie.
March 16, 2008
We've come a longgggggg way baby. This is the days when it was just fine to pinch all the secretaries on the behind - force a kiss on 'em when ya wanna - after-all he's the boss right! That's the way it was. Joan Crawford pretty much playing her bitchy cars great fashion and fun for a watch (and I breath a sigh of relief I didn't live THEN) Kudos to my mother and grandmother who were working women during this period...the stories they told!! (much as depicted in this movie) Fun to watch for kicks - but is not a favorite of mine, with the exception of the parts played by Hope Lang and Suzie Parker.
November 7, 2007
A soap opera-esque guilty pleasure for a chick flick mood. Stephen Boyd is the classic cheerful, tortured soul who's really a wonderful person beneath it all. Joan Crawford, as usual, gives an incredibly nuanced portrayal of a dislikable woman.
½ October 23, 2007
This movie should have been called "Life's a Bitch, then you Die." Seriously. Jilted lovers, bitchy bosses, sexual harrassment, not-so-spontaneous miscarriage.... And yet Hope Lange is so darn perky!
½ September 10, 2007
The fact that this movie is at times amusing and that there are many engaging scenes, due mostly to the powerhouse that is Joan Crawford, backed up by a simple elegance from Hope Lange and ravishing beauty from Suzy Parker, does very little to redeem its inexcusably backwards and offensive attitude towards the role of women in society. But Tracy, it was 1959, you might say, and you must at least give it some credit for tackling dark subject matter, such as abortion and suicide (which is unfortunately stepped around by making the fall from the fire escape while severely depressed a mere "accident", due to the slipping of a heeled shoe). Sure, but don't forget while performing temporal cultural relativism to give this movie a break, that this is almost two decades after Bacall stood up to Bogart. The male characters in this film are mostly cads, but the audience is expected to sympathize with the doctor that April ends up with and Mike, Caroline's love interest. In the one scene showing how happy April is with her new love, he gives her a present - a kerchief filled with his socks with holes in the toe for her to mend. This gift, which April falls all over herself in happiness about, is played without an ounce of irony or humor. Meanwhile, Mike, who is so charismatic I found myself rooting for him throughout the film in spite of myself, constantly berates Caroline for ambition in her career in lieu of aspirations for wife and motherhood, calling her cold, calculating, and greedy, in so many words. In essence, while I by no means feel that I lost 2 (far too long) hours of my life on this film, I do resent that after emerging from the theater I felt like slapping every man who asked me to do something for him (unfortunate, as I work at the theater showing the film, and had to serve popcorn to many male patrons immediately afterward). See only as an anthropological experiment, otherwise skip right to the far more enlightened and entertaining modern-day version of this story: Sex and the City.
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