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½ May 3, 2018
The rare documentary that both celebrates the trash work it features, but also grapples with the emotionally bittersweet ways it has affected those involved with it.
January 31, 2018
I give this a 96/A+.
July 29, 2017
Very much a ripoff of the Star Trek fanatic documentaries. I skipped through some of it due to boredom. Not terrible, it had some good moments.
July 4, 2017
pretty boring. i thought it would be funnier in making fun of the movie. not a fan of documentaries but i heard this is a must see if you've watched troll 2 (1 viewing)
July 4, 2017
You can't actually set out to make a movie like Troll 2; it has to be magical, almost mystical. That's what makes it so wonderful; people worked sincerely and with great effort to make something great, and they did it...just not in the way they expected. This documentary captures that beauty, with one of the greatest collections of unique people I've ever seen in a documentary. Often uncomfortable, but impossible to look away...much like Troll 2 itself.
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½ November 24, 2016
A surprising and bittersweet doc that will certainly appeal more to those out there who share the same strange fascination for this unexpected cult phenomenon (me included), even if it simplifies the reason for its shocking success into simple matters of being entertaining.
September 11, 2016
A very funny, beautiful film about an unintentionally funny, horrible film. This totally made my day.
½ May 29, 2016
Pretty great little doc about the cult following behind the train wreck that is Troll 2. Fascinating journey. Far more entertaining than the actual movie...
½ April 10, 2016
A decent enough documentary about the cult behind Troll 2, it's a little odd at times but its fun to see where the cast and crew came from and went. At some points it gets a little awkward. The movie is a love letter to the fans, and shows that there is a little worth to every movie.
March 6, 2016
Only bad thing I can say is there should have been more. A whole lot more.
February 29, 2016
A good documentary about the people involved with Troll 2. Surprisingly touching at times, and very interesting to see where these people ended up, and what they're really like.
December 5, 2015
As a fan of Troll 2 and other absolute pieces of dog shit cinema, this was something up my alley. It follows one of the main characters who is now a dentist. He's definitely a character and oozes a certain 'je ne sais' which few people have and makes this documentary immensely entertaining. Basically follows the cult that has developed around the film through small showings. They track down the majority of the people involved and you either get 'this person is crazy', 'that is incredibly sad', or 'what a pompous asshole'. Does start to drag a bit by the end, but overall, quite enjoyable. Also, didn't realize Myspace was still a thing.
November 22, 2015
A delightful look at the impact of Troll 2 on its cast, crew and fans!
November 14, 2015
A charming look at one group's belated 15 minutes of fame.
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September 12, 2015
Best Worst Movie is a fascinating exploration of the cult phenomenon that has arisen around the B-horror film Troll 2. Centered around small-town dentist and Troll 2 star George Hardy, the documentary follows his journey as he discovers the underground cult following that the film has generated and attends several midnight screenings around the country, along with a couple of horror movie conventions, all building to a cast reunion and on-location screening where Troll 2 was shot. Additionally, various fans and film critics are interviewed, and discuss how they found the film and why it resonates with audiences. Yet the filmmakers are dutiful to show that Troll 2's appeal is rather limited to a select audience that appreciates B-movies, and that most of the cast and crew acknowledge how bad the film is. Providing an interesting look at how a "bad movie" can gain a life of its own, Best Worst Movie is incredibly compelling.
August 29, 2015
I've seen Troll 2 and it really is bad, I don't get why some people are dedicating so much of their time repeat watching it, and this documentary didn't really explain it. You just come away with the impression that the fans are weirdos who think they are admired for their odd taste in movies. What this documentary is worth watching for, however, is for the seeing what happened to the cast of Troll 2. You can conduct some serious psychological character study into the director, and several of the cast members, who have clearly always been (or have gone) weird. Some of them actually think that Troll 2 was a good film and can't understand why people call it the worst movie ever made. Put them in a room with a conference of people who are celebrating it's atrocious production values and watch what happens. This part of the film is fascinating. Oh what Werner Herzog could have done with these subjects I ponder.
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July 14, 2015
A fascinating examination of an underground cultural phenomenon, Best Worst Movie offers up a surprising amount of pathos -- though its bloated runtime means it tends towards repetition during its second half.
March 30, 2015
Amazing tribute. Very moving. One of the greatest documentaries I've seen. Deserves more recognition.
March 13, 2015
A thing of true beauty.
February 8, 2015
"Listen my son, if it is the horror that you wish to make. You must show the people what it is that they most fear"

"Like terrorism?"

"No my son, like sincerity"
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