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December 6, 2012
Bestiaire is not a traditional movie in the sense that there is a logical start, middle and ending although the changes in the seasons acts like one in a way. Here we have Parc Safari, a favourite place for me as a child and what we are doing is observing the animals. While they are aware of the camera, they are not obsessed with it like a person might be. So we get to see them "raw" and acting in all sorts of manners to the enclosures that they are put in throughout the year.
March 9, 2013
This is a beautiful and disturbing movie. It's heartbreaking seeing animals quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) suffering in captivity. Although they are well looked after and fed, they are demonstrably restless, confused and bored.

One comes away with a sense that humans aren't so much cruel to these animals as nonchalant and thoughtless.
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