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December 11, 2006
A paper-thin script that is by turns fatuous and emotionally fraudulent.
December 21, 2001
The bulk of the film rests squarely on its leads and both Porter and Wenham are winning and appealing.
Full Review | Original Score: B+
December 20, 2001
With remarkable grace, [Teplitzky's] actors balance the competing demands of candor and whimsy, and the result, while not unforgettable, is charming.
December 7, 2001
Runs out of impulse and falls back on glibness.
Read More | Original Score: 2/4
November 16, 2001
At times, Better Than Sex feels like Last Tango in Paris, with all the grunting and animalistic behavior but none of the raison d'etre.
November 10, 2001
Absurdly threadbare.....Supposed to be darling, of course, but it's mostly a stream of flat, pedestrian or nauseatingly cute talk.
Full Review | Original Score: D+
November 10, 2001
It could be funnier, sharper, more probing, but at its best it is sexy, and that's always something to celebrate.
November 9, 2001
The director and actors get away with this fluff thanks to the nimble, whimsical way it's played.
November 8, 2001
Continues for 84 minutes, short for a feature but too long for a commercial. And Mr. Teplitzky lacks the big-screen savvy to fill the surplus footage.
November 6, 2001
An irresistible Australian romantic comedy that celebrates the life-affirming magic of sexual pleasure.
November 4, 2001
Writer/director Teplitsky has a great eye for detail and often manages to say a lot by saying very little.
November 2, 2001
It doesn't quite live up to the title, but this little Australian import will leave you feeling satisfied.
October 29, 2001
Demonstrates why sex rarely makes a good spectator sport.
October 27, 2001
Funny and honest in tracing the way in which lust can trigger emotion even if it's not supposed to be part of the plan.
Full Review | Original Score: 3.5/5
October 26, 2001
The movie's only redeeming qualities are its stars, David Wenham and Susie Porter.
Read More | Original Score: 1.5/4
October 25, 2001
This is refreshing: a sex film that actually thinks that, for the most part, sex is good fun.
October 25, 2001
It's nice that Cin and Josh are free of hangups and neuroses, but too bad that their healthy, cheerful attitudes make them phenomenally boring.
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October 25, 2001
They're a charming couple, and you don't mind watching them. Just don't expect insightful love revelations.
October 25, 2001
When you come down to it, its hoary insights -- like 'men are slobs' and 'women can never decide what to wear on a date' -- have been the stuff of sitcoms since the seven words you couldn't say on television were taboo in movies as well.
October 25, 2001
Josh and Cin really are strangers, so their sudden entry through the gates of true love makes not a lick of sense.
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