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May 18, 2010
Made for TV Canadian film, that adds a fun, fantastical twist to the classic "Robin Hood" story. There's a brief prologue, which serves to explain why he become the "Robin Hood" we all know. Once we pick back up, a few years later, he's already him, so unlike a lot of the other versions, we skip the becoming, and get straight to the point.

Yes, Richard is still off on the crusades, and Nottingham and Prince John are still bastards, but what separates this one from others, magic. Lots of it. From shapeshifting to spell casting, this movie has fun playing up these elements, ones not really seen in this story before. The flying effects look really bad though, which is sad. The dragon never seem to be in the same space as the sky, and/ or the object it's hurling/ being thrown at him. The designs are solid though, and they move fluidly. On ground the dragon does look very good, with a nice amount of detail.

Robin Dunne, as Robin Hood, is very good. I find him to be a surprisingly strong actor, even in weak films; see his excellent job in The Skulls 2 to how good he truly can be. Here, he fires an arrow quite well, and makes for a solid leader, which is all that was necessary. Erica Durance as Marian has some really fun bits, and looks good doing it. Katherine Isabelle, most notable for being Ginger the brilliant "Ginger Snaps" trilogy plays Alina, the were-dragon at the heart of the story. She's good, as always, but doesn't have much to do. Sidenote- any time her name is attached to a project, it immediately becomes 110% more awesome.

The rest of the cast all do decent jobs, with no standouts though.

The sets look pretty good, and the landscape evokes the time period very well. The lighting shifts between good and over/under exposed at times, but it doesn't distract for long.
May 13, 2010
Cekajuci novog Robina Hooda igrom slucaja sam nabasao na ovu niskobudzetnu verziju gdje se legendarni junak osim sa klasicnim dusmanima sukobljava sa neakvim ruznim cgi vyvrenom (ili zmajem ili koji god to vrag bio...) i isto tako ruznim cgi vargovima i sve to u nekoj mracnoj sumi do koje je dosao kroz neki medjudimenzionalni portal usred Sherwoodske sume...gluma je malo bolja nego na SS HellCamp-u, a efekti su jeftini cgi ali bez obzira na to ovo sranje me uspjelo zabavit tolko da sam ga uspio odgledat do kraja. Nis posebno.
May 7, 2010
Good retelling of the story with all the major characters. Could have done more with the dragon to stand out as a film.
May 4, 2010
Pretty poor. The only saving grace is the excellent Erica Durance.
½ April 25, 2010
Okay fantasy themed Robin Hood movie. With the budget they had they did more than okay but the story is too loose and it isn't executed effectively enough.
March 22, 2010
pretty good... definitely different take on Robin Hood though.
½ March 13, 2010
Not bad! If it has "Lois Lane" and "Young Jor El" from "Smallville", this should be a solid rental.
½ December 26, 2009
Decent acting by a good cast, despite being borrowed from across the Stargate franchise, with somewhat believable British accents. The script takes an otherwise ho-hum swords and sorcery story to the level of mildly interesting by inserting it into the very flexible Robin Hood mythos. Overall, this film is better than many, but not as good as many more. However, it is on par, if not slightly better, than much of what Syfy/Scifi has churned out in recent years.
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