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June 4, 2013
this is one of the best chinese films i have ever seen its full of action and love very romantic and spiteful
November 11, 2012
FANTASTIC Korean swordplay/martial arts film. It has a reputation as being underated for some reason, but it smashed box office records and started a trend in Korea for this kind of film that was subsequently killed by Musa. Beautiful, moving, great music and brilliant photography.
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May 23, 2012
A Korean prince orphaned by an invading Mongolian army is hunted for his knowledge of a lost art of swordsmanship whilst mourning his estranged love for the Mongol princess. Although clearly trying to jump on the Crouching Tiger bandwagon, Bichunmoo's visual style has far more in common with the frenetic martial arts action flicks of Tsui Hark with its crazy camera angles, extreme close ups and copious use of wind machines and gallons of dry ice. As a result it all looks a little clumsy and crude in comparison, especially since the choppy editing makes it seem like a breathlessly episodic soap opera that's so absurdly convoluted it's almost impossible to follow. The pantomime villains appear and disappear at various intervals with little clue as to who they are and what their motives might be and our heroes can't wait to throw themselves upon the nearest swords willy nilly in the hope to tug the heart strings of the bemused audience. It's all a bit of a mess really and although the acrobatic cast go through the motions of throwing themselves all over the screen for some reasonable fight sequences, the haphazard script makes it impossible to care what's going on, making it a rather overlong and tiresome experience. House Of Flying Daggers did something very similar with a lot more art and imagination.
½ January 7, 2012
It's rather messy. At some point I lost the whole point of the movie. But the ending :'(
August 14, 2011
Some occasional display of swordplay brillance can't quite save this middling wuxia drama from Korea.
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May 23, 2011
Korean made period action drama with a forbidden romance at the heart of the story. Pretty well made and rivals the likes of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "House of Flying Daggers" with spectacular fights sequences, big sets and colourful art design. The story though does get confusing with many characters with triple-barrel names and differing motives all from three different ethnic backgrounds, it takes a while to absorb it all in. It's a very good effort and well worth a look.
½ May 17, 2011
Rated this high for the love story....pales in comparison to HK martial arts productions but enjoyable.
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April 20, 2011
Bichunmoo has its ups and downs, but director Kim Young-jun does more than enough to surpass mediocrity.The story is pretty deep in terms of love, loyalty, and revenge. It is also quite lengthy at just under 2 hours, and despite the times where the film gets dramatic, it also gets momentary, so a lot does happen throughout the movie.On the other side of the love story is the action and an enjoyable watch these scenes are. The swordplay is composed of some great choreography which lead to some fast-paced fights; however, the editing and camera angles are a little bit of a letdown, as they are a bit erratic. The fights are also a little brief and that leaves a feeling of wanting more.Shin Hyeon-jun comes across as monotone, and although that does match his character, it makes the likes of Jeong Jin-yeong and the lovely Kim Hee-seon much more amusing to watch. There are also a number of other characters that may have excelled with a little more screen time.Bichunmoo isn't perfect, but for a dramatic martial arts film out of Korea, it is a worthwhile viewing.
½ November 11, 2010
not that bad lah, for a korean attempt at a kung-fu epic... it kinda played like kingdom of heaven for some reason... definitely not as entertaining as some hk/cn/tw/jp counterparts, but can't disagree with the "guniang (moonfairy) sleeves" :D
November 11, 2010
princess & the toad, what will happen to tadpole, and the stoopid bichun secret???

cliche lines/plot/bad-acting/ugly-cast besides hee-seon, and all of them have bad hair... what is wrong with these people, can't they get better toupees?
½ May 29, 2010
It's that the cover said it's a Korean movie, because regarding style I felt like I was watching live-action manga in medieval Japan and it seemed to go on to no end.

Basically it was just "love love- cue drama- fightkillfightkill- some people die- dramadrama- fightfight - more drama- fightfightfightfight- some blabbering here- some more drama- fightfight- vague hint of sex- even more drama goes here- fight- more people die- fightfight- dramalovedrama- everybody else dies". It'd rate it -5.
½ May 6, 2010
Jinha: "You killed my fams, you took my rib, now I'm gonna kill you!"
Mongolian: "Just try...I killed your whole family. Now I'm gonna finish the job!"
Jinha: "I'm gonna revenge the Yu family (which used to be my last name by the way) and get back my rib!" [After killing everyone.] "I killed you, I killed your servants and now, I took back my rib. Yeah, I got you back THREE times!"

Billed as the most expensive Korean movie in 2000, this film is an oddity. A Korean film with scenery that is Chinese, the feel and action sequences are Chinese (wire action etc...), but the direction and language were Korean. At its heart Bichunmoo is a love story that is mixed with martial arts and a revenge theme that is so common with Korean films. (Note: Never mess with the Koreans they will get you back over generations.)

That said, Bichunmoo starts slowly and gradually gains substance and speed. Filled with Chinese wire flying, cut limbs, martial arts, and a full fledged love story, Bichunmoo has something for everyone. While I'm not exactly sure why it cost so much money, the film delivers on the necessities. In my opinion, I believe the actresses were well selected for their roles as they were attractive both in the Chinese and Korean sense (though some Koreans may disagree - whatever.). Nevertheless, the male actors did their jobs well. The main actor would later act in the movie "The Shadowless Sword" and his arch nemesis/friend looks like the toad guy from movie "The Five Deadly Venoms."

In either case, Bichunmoo is a complete story. At nearly two hours, the film covers a lot of details in a short period of time. Somewhat reminiscent of an old Chinese film, this Korean movie does a respectful and decent job in its version. Recommended for rental if you like a Korean quality film (which is good) with a Chinese theme and action sequences. Almost recommended as a couples film but not quite. Still, its an enjoyable film to watch in this genre.

Note #1: "Chi gong" sex can cure poison that's spread throughout your body.

Note #2: [As my friend Gerard C. indicated that most people don't understand my "rib" reference.]: In reference to "rib." "And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man."
November 7, 2009
meh, Korean Fantasy-soap-opera.
November 7, 2009
meh, Korean Fantasy-soap-opera.
½ October 28, 2009
Salah satu film termahal korea yang pernah dibuat. Bichunmoo adalah film martial art dengan kisah cinta yang tragis dengan aroma balas dendam. Bichunmoo sendiri adalah nama sebuah ilmu pedang yang sangat sakti hingga mampu membelah lautan dan bumi, yang mana kitab dari ilmu tersebut dicari dan sangat diinginkan oleh banyak orang. Film ini juga menjadi pionir kebangkitan film-film korea. Good job for Kim Young-jun
July 7, 2009
OMG! Excellent! Asian cinema doing its thing - ass kicking, comic book, manga style action tale of retribution with a love story that is heartbreaking throughout.
March 26, 2009
korean martial art movie
½ February 15, 2009
Just another sword-fighting movie
½ October 3, 2008
If you like this genre then you probably will enjoy the flick despite the awkward lyrical repetition here and there. This film benefits from good story and good acting.
½ August 29, 2008
Some hits and some misses, it does not stand a place in my list of best asian movies, even if I kind of like the genre. It is still worth checking out though.
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