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½ November 23, 2011
An interesting prison escape drama with elements of documentary in it. Includes some excellent performances including supporting roles from Lon Chaney and a very young Charles Bronson. The kidnapping plot towards the end is enjoyed, and is brutal in some places for a 1950s film. Recommended!
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March 4, 2011
This is a astonishing movie made in 1955, by Bel-Air Productions (who). I watch this via Netflixs instant watch (excellent deal); The movie was mostly filmed in the Royal Gorge of Colorado, a forgotten landmark in the United States. The scenes were breathtaking. This movie contained so many film greats. Broderick Crawford, Ralph Meeker, William Talman, Lon Chaney Jr., Charles Bronson and of course child actor in 1955 Peter J. Votrian. The movie is about a young boy who runs away from summer camp only to be found by the man who wants to kidnap him. The boy dies by accident but the kidnapper goes through with collecting the ransom. It follows the story as the kidnapper is put in prison only to escape to collect the hidden money, many twist and turns, this film will make you a watcher of the forgotten Black & White Film Noir. 5 Stars I'm Hooked,.
November 4, 2010
Prison film tells it like it should be. Filmed without special effects, has all the bars, cops, guards and wardens plus inmates that make prison a living hell. An 80% film because its just 10% better than most anything made today or in the last so many years.

Stars a fellow nicknamed The Iceman for his robot like personality, unfeeling, uncaring. He is ruthless to be sure. The inmates know it too. Oscar winner Broderick Crawford (Best Actor) is an inmate as well. Also, Lon Chaney Jr. is in this. Tough guy Charles Bronson (The Mechanic, Death Wish) also stars as inmate.

This is a story about prisons. Like it or not.

Original Release Date: Mar 26, 1955

A tough and realistic crime drama unfold as ruthless convicts execute a successful prison escape and secure $200,000 in hidden ransom money.

Broderick Crawford
Charles Bronson
Lon Chaney Jr.
Ralph Meeker
William Talman

Cinematographer: Gordon Avil
Composer: Paul Dunlap
Production Designer: Charles D. Hall
Director: Howard W. Koch
Editor: John F. Schreyer
Screenplay: George F. Slavin
Producer: Aubrey Schenck
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