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December 28, 2010
Missing: this movie's plot.
August 7, 2008
December 6, 2005
December 6, 2005
February 2, 2005
Not a bad film, despite what you may have heard, but there is no doubt it should have been a lot better.
October 7, 2004
With gorgeous Hawaiian cinematography, a charming Owen Wilson, and a clever script, I found it eminently enjoyable.
July 25, 2004
This movie is all looks and no brains.
May 14, 2004
It's sexy, offbeat fun for the most part, but it's way too laid-back for its own good and, in the end, obstinately refuses to be anything more than the sum of its highly promising parts.
March 26, 2004
Yet another screen adaptation of an Elmore Leonard novel, but this one just doesn't work.
March 16, 2004
Never comes together into anything remotely interesting.
March 16, 2004
February 27, 2004
...a dead zone of monstrous proportions that warrants nothing but yawns and groans for all 89 minutes it takes up the screen.
February 23, 2004
Despite some inspired casting and a photogenic Hawaiian backdrop, director George Armitage can't imbue the tale with Leonard's unique balance of wit and tension.
February 21, 2004
It tends to be bouncy in that flippant, rhythmic attitude, the winkingly self-assuredness so prevalent in the actual assuredness of Get Shorty.
February 15, 2004
glides along on the humor of its characters and the inherent intrigue created whenever multiple characters with multiple agendas all appear to be going after the same thing
February 14, 2004
After sitting through this, you'll need a vacation, too.
February 14, 2004
When the best thing you can say about a movie is that a handful of actors manage to salvage it from time to time, you're not exactly talking about a great piece of filmmaking.
February 13, 2004
Adaptation of Elmore Leonard novel doesn't have much rebound at all, despite a big-name cast.
February 13, 2004
Owen Wilson, Charlie Sheen and newcomer Sara Foster are all wrong for Elmore Leonard characters.
February 12, 2004
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