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Critic Consensus: Big Game's enthusiastic throwback vibe will appeal to fans of low-budget '80s action movies, but co-writer/director Jalmari Helander adds a level of smarts and skill that make it more than just an homage.

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In the rugged countryside of Finland, a young thirteen-year-old (Onni Tommila) embarks on a traditional quest to prove himself by spending 24 hours alone in the wild, armed with only a bow and arrow. After witnessing a spectacular crash, he discovers the escape pod from Air Force One, containing the President of the United States (Samuel L. Jackson). When they realize a group of kidnappers is hot on their trail with the intention of taking the president, this unlikely duo must escape their hunters as they search for the American Special Forces team sent out to find them. (C) Relativitymore
Rating: PG-13 (for sequences of intense action and violence, and some language)
Genre: Action & Adventure
Directed By:
Written By: Jalmari Helander, Petri Jokiranta
In Theaters:
On DVD: Aug 25, 2015
Box Office: $6.7M
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The story penned by Helander with Petri Jokiranta goes heavy on the hokum, not to mention the CGI fireworks, but a dialled-down Jackson and a fired-up Tommila make for an entertaining pair.

Full Review… | July 9, 2015
Toronto Star
Top Critic

Gleefully dumb but eager to entertain, this is cheeseball stuff baked with deliciously outsized performances and low comedy and photographed across mighty beautiful landscapes.

Full Review… | June 25, 2015
Los Angeles Times
Top Critic

Mr. Jackson has never seemed so unblustery; his scenes with the younger actor have ease and humor. The authority is there but also the soul you'd want from the leader of the free world.

Full Review… | June 25, 2015
New York Times
Top Critic

Everything that is good about Big Game can be summed up in two words and one letter -- Samuel L Jackson.

Full Review… | December 30, 2015
Sun Online

The ensuing action is reliably ridiculous, but Tommila's plucky boy and Jackson's hapless president make an amusing double act.

Full Review… | September 20, 2015
Movie Talk

The ensuing action-adventure may promise more than it ultimately delivers but remains fun for long periods.

Full Review… | August 26, 2015
Indie London

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Sam Jackson and Ray Stevenson phone it in so hard, they allow themselves to be outacted by an ESL thirteen year old with three acting credits to his name. And Jackson & Stevenson are two of my all time favourite actors, so it's hard for me to say that.

Big Game isn't quite ridiculous enough to laugh *with* and isn't quite original enough to be impressed by. Instead it sits an awkward middle ground where you assume it's parody but it's not, it's just silly. The premise is that of an 80's action movie, an era/genre combo I think we should definitely bring back. Unfortunately, the execution is just not there to deliver.

Maybe it would be better drunk.

Gimly Monocle
Gimly Monocle

Super Reviewer


Big Game is stupid to the point that it's entertaining. It runs fast enough that it kept my attention enough that I can recall the story.

I can see what they were going for, but it all went wrong in the writing and nobody bothered fixing it through production and filming. Samuel Jackson's talents with profanity are handicapped by the PG-13 rating. Tommila, the boy in the film, does an OK job, but nobody else is worth mentioning.

I watched it for free on a movie channel and that seemed about right. I wouldn't pay for Big Game, but it's a decent enough way to kill the time.

Jason Cenzano

Super Reviewer

Weird movie, kind of Air Force One crossed with Cliffhanger. The scenes without Sam Jackson are just kind of weird. The kid just puts off a weird energy. This is one of those where you're just perplexed to how this got made. It feels like a B-movie that somehow got Sam Jackson in it. Did the director marry Jackson's wife's sister or something? It feels like a Uwe Boll movie sort of, if less inept. This could have been somewhat decent with a better director and script.

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