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August 18, 2017
I Like The Swearing In This Movie.
½ August 17, 2017
Total piece of shit.
August 13, 2017
One of the best movies I've ever seen that Jeff Bridges starred in besides True Grit. Also one of the best movies John Goodman starred in besides Monsters Inc., Monsters University, Speed Racer, and more.
½ August 9, 2017
Unique film. Very solid dialogue and jokes throughout. Solid craftsmanship by the Coen Brothers threaded together by the performance of Jeff Bridges and John Goodman. Reminded me of a Tarantino movie without the gore. I love movies that are fun to quote...

"I'm the Dude, so that's what you call me. That or, uh His Dudeness, or uh Duder, or El Duderino, if you're not into the whole brevity thing" -The Dude

"This is what happens when you f*ck a stranger in the ass, Larry." -Walter

"Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man." -The Dude

"The Dude abides" -The Dude

"That rug really tied the room together."
½ August 8, 2017
I watched this movie based on reviews and word of mouth. However this movie was so boring to me. My girlfriend told me she was bored 1 hr into and and I told her maybe it's a slow buildup to something great. However we were disappointed. I was really giving this movie a chance.
July 31, 2017
Fun. Entertaining. Not as great as everyone had told me it was.
½ July 31, 2017
Another "classic" let down, nothing really impressive about it.
July 23, 2017
Best comedy of all time. You need to Watch the movie at least 4-5 times to understand everything that is funny. I have Watch it about 15 times, and I still notice some dÚtails the keep imrpoving the film. Best storyline for a comedy, best actors and most of all, direction. Better then Dr Strangelove
July 23, 2017
The Dude......what else can I say!
July 19, 2017
Great fantastic phenomenal funny hilarious movie starring Jeff bridges and John Goodman and directed by the Coen brothers. I had a blast with this movie, everytime Steve buscemi spoke, I acted just like Walter, shut the fudge up Steve bucemi s character. The dude is awesome, he's funny as fudge and he's just the best. Can't wait to see this movie again.
½ July 17, 2017
The Big Lebowski abides.
½ July 15, 2017
its very good movie but it having one problem there at59:00 minute is song witch georgian christian and its not for comedy with porn and bla bla
July 15, 2017
Bridges, Goodman, Huddleston, and Buscemi. Thats the perfect formula for a damn good entertaining movie.
July 13, 2017
One of the funniest movies of all time. Not the easily affronted. The Dude and his friends are drawn into a mess involving a kidnapping, a swindle, a run, a bowling tourney, an impregnation ... it just keeps getting better as the movie goes along. Superb cast, the Coen Brothers at their best.
July 6, 2017
This is one of the funniest movie I've seen in a very long time. I was laughing so hard throughout most of the movie. There isn't really a strong story to this movie but that's one of the best parts about it. Great movie. With clever dialogue and great characters this is a must watch movie for any person with a sense of humor. ????????????????????
½ July 2, 2017
Un film che di certo non ha bisogno di presentazioni, vista la sua enorme fama che lo ha fatto diventare un cult. I personaggi intramontabili che ci vengono raccontati sono scritti e pensati alla perfezione, con una forte caratterizzazione che persiste lungo tutta la durata della pellicola. La serie di eventi che si viene a creare segue il classico caos casuale tipico dei Coen, con risvolti sempre ironici e sopra le righe. Non Ŕ il loro migliore film, Ŕ certamente uno dei pi¨ divertenti, ma manca quella profonditÓ emotiva e velata che caratterizza le loro migliori opere. Resta comunque un grande film, ricco di personaggi emblematici e difficili da dimenticare.
June 23, 2017
A perfect film. You will watch it again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and always be hooked and discover something new.
June 21, 2017
Another great classic off my watch list. Next!
June 11, 2017
The dude abides. We see him go through that in a comedy that goes extra miles the same way the dude is forced to go all because some bastard pissed on his rug. A fun comedy of errors dealing with two Jeff Lebowskis, a satchel of dirty underwear, a severed toe, and a group of German nihilists. And yet the only one to turn to is a friend with a short temper and a stubborn mind. But hey, it's good knowing The Dude is taking life by stride. Thanks to Coen's direction and dialogue, we all feel like taking it easy at the bowling alley, White Russian in hand.
June 10, 2017
'THE BIG LEBOWSKI' was directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, and stars Jeff Bridges, John Goodman and Julian Moore. When 'The Dude'(Jeff Bridges) is mistaken for Jeffrey Lebowski(David Huddleston), his life becomes a lot more complicated than before.

Word of Advice: watch this movie while intoxicated. I watched it while sober and still enjoyed it immensely but I guarantee that watching this movie while off your head will improve it. That said, this is a very enjoyable comedy. Jeff Bridges shines bright as 'The Dude' with an excellent cast, including John Goodman and Phillip Seymour Hoffman, also providing great performances and being the potatoes to this meat and potato pie. The comedy is pretty good and I'll definitely say that more jokes hit than they do fail. That said, I won't say that many jokes in this movie are hysterically funny; I chuckled a lot but I only full on laughed out loud maybe 2 or 3 times. That isn't a massive gripe but it's something I though I should mention.

My main gripe with this movie is that being intoxicated is probably the best way to see it, and that is not a major gripe at all. The story is pretty basic but works well for what it is attempting to do. Despite this, they set up a lot of character and story arcs that go NOWHERE which was really annoying. That is my second major flaw with this movie. It sets up interesting characters like Jesus and even Donnie but then ignores them or even completely forgets them for the majority of the plot. I would rather the characters not be in the movie, than have them in it for only a minuscule amount of time. The ending(which I love by the way) is very open and allows a lot more possibilities for sequels where they could have explored these characters more and gave them more depth instead of cramming them all into this one movie.

Even with these flaws, the movie is very damn enjoyable. Its incredible, colourful, imaginative characters really drive the movie and they are what makes this movie shine. That is why I wanted more time going to some of the supporting roles. A lot of effort was clearly put into these characters and I wish they got more screen time to bloom.

It's a very technically proficient movie; the cinematography is pretty good. The set and costume design is great. I have no real flaws with this movie as far as sets and camera-work goes. Maybe a few changes to character and set design but I can't say it was anything that really hindered my enjoyment.

All in all, this movie is very enjoyable sober(and I imagine even more so while on something) therefor I do recommend this movie to anyone, so long as you're prepared to possibly have a breakdown during a few sequences of this movie. It's a very enjoyable movie, and I'll rate it 8 rugs out of 10.
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