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October 28, 2016
kinda boring, Coen bros can't do it right all the time
October 26, 2016
An unlikely series of events befalls unlikely friends. This film is brimming with the satirical in every scene. As the Dude is coerced by one force or another, he is pushed into surreal backdrops with ridiculous characters and even more ridiculous conversations. The best of which come from his interactions with best friend and fellow bowling aficionado, Walter, who is the Dude's polar opposite.

His angry outbursts at the state of society and willingness to solve all problems by righteous rage fueled violence provide a hilarious element to this winding, twisting social commentary.

Disposing somewhat of the formulaic nature of traditional cinema, The Big Lebowski is uniquely funny and compelling.
October 21, 2016
While I did enjoy the movie for the most part, it wasn't until the movie finished that I just felt empty by the ending, like what was the point in it all? I'm glad I watched The Big Lebowski though and as I said I did still enjoy it for the most part the ending just fell flat in my opinion.
October 19, 2016
Typical Coen brothers movie, with excellent performances and twisted plot with much dark humour and absurd situations.
October 14, 2016
I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't a fan of the film when I first saw it about 10 years ago. But I was also younger and didn't get it. Now that I'm older and (hopefully) a little wiser, I got it more and also enjoyed it more. Do I still think it's a bit overrated? Yes. But I do see why people like it and why it has such a cult following. The characters are amazing and easily the best part of the film. The story is somewhat wonky, but the writing makes it up for it with some really memorable dialogue.
½ October 10, 2016
The Coen Brothers are a mixed bag for me. It's usually a 50/50 chance of me adoring the movie or being so incredibly bored by it. This is the former. This is one of the funniest movies I've ever seen, and I have no earthly idea why. Nothing happens in this whole damn movie. NOTHING. NOOOTHHINNG. So yeah it's a masterpiece and you should watch it.
½ October 9, 2016
This movie could of been some dumb comedy that doesn't tie up loose ends and has some funny moments. But I think the majority of people who have seen this film know that its a lot more than that but no one really knows why.

The film is all about Jeffery Labowski (Jeff Bridges) who goes by the name 'The Dude'. Never explained why, just the dude. Which I think adds to the charm of the movie. Nothing is really explained it just is. Three Germans with a pet marmot? Just except it. The personality of 'The dude' is cleverly translated in to the overall tone of the film even to the end where the last line is ' The dude abides' and he walks off with so many plot points still going on, this film doesn't know the sense of closure but oddly. It works very well. I don't know why I decided to write a review to this film as it's already achieved a cult following and anybody with a Blu-ray player knows what it is but I think a film like this where it apologetically does what it wants is what we need in cinema today. For a further example, just look at the front cover, one of the key characters is 'Jesus'. Their pedophile rival in bowling, there were so many vital characters to the plot they could of included instead but they didn't. Also, there are many scenes that they left in that wasn't needed.

In an interview I watched about the Coen Brothers they stated that they work on a moment of a film first and work the plot around it and I think that becomes most apparent in this film. I feel like maybe its a get out of jail free card to say this movie just works but it's true. It has a certain charm to it and I am not surprised that it's as popular as it is. This movie definitely is a hole in one (Bowling puns).
½ October 1, 2016
Not sure what the hype on this thing is? Terrible movie. John Goodman was solid as always.
September 26, 2016
The Big Lewboski is a great love letter to film noir with endlessly quotable lines, entertaining characters and the Coen Brothers laid back atmosphere and dark sense of humor.
September 26, 2016
Deliciously weird, profoundly amusing, "The Big Lebowski" is a blissful combination of hilarity, pitch-perfect dialogue, and a strangely comforting feeling by the end of it all.
September 20, 2016
Hilarious but uneven comedy from the Coen Brothers that is remembered more for it's brilliant lead performances than their trademark quirky humor. Much of the appeal of this film is the cast, particularly Jeff Bridges as the Dude and John Goodman as Walter, who both give the best performances of their careers. Bridges attacks the role of the Dude with hilarious precision, making him a likable bum you can't help but root for. While he is out to make a quick buck, or at least get his rug replaced, he never wants to hurt anyone and has such a sweet nature when he just wants to go bowling with his friends. Goodman is his polar opposite but equally hilarious as Walter, a Jewish veteran more than willing to pull a gun during a bowling match but doesn't like to work during the Sabbath. Together, the two are one of the funniest pairings in film in recent decades and make it well worth watching by itself. Behind the camera, the Coen Brothers deliver a fun satire on detective films, the idea being the detective is someone as dumb as the Dude, which does lead to much of it's hilarity. However, they go too far in some of their eccentricities (Juilanne Moore is fun but a bit out there as the femme fatale while I still have no idea what David Thewlis was doing in this movie). It isn't quite as polished as their classic comedy "Raising Arizona", but still lots of fun, if only for Bridges's & Goodman's brilliant performances. Not a perfect film but well worth viewing.
½ September 14, 2016
dumbest movie i ever saw , lame , lame ,lame
½ September 10, 2016
One of the best Joel and Ethan Cohen movie yet
Super Reviewer
September 9, 2016
Visually tasteful and fluid chemistry and performances for a Coen Brothers' cult film. The Big Lebowski is a simple story that requires no over-analyzing to delve into its narrative and concept. It's effective, humorous and overall a wacky classic. 4/5
September 3, 2016
Why this movie is famous?
August 24, 2016
Funny movie. Cultural classic. Original
August 20, 2016
The movie was brilliant. It had its feminist parodies, and so on. Actors Portrayed the character's very well. The comedy was right there, and an interesting story.
August 19, 2016
Go fuck yourself you stupid fucking movie asshole critics. The big lebowski is a great movie and you all deserve a special place in hell for not liking it.
½ August 17, 2016
From what I heard this is a very good and quite famous movie, well received and known. After watching it I still don't really know how it got to where it is. Sure it's good and all, but it doesn't seem like that I was promised from all the positive reviews and pop culture that praise it so much. Maybe it's because of some deeper meaning that I don't understand, but it just seems so-so to me. It does have and good cast, Jeff Bridges seems a little crazy and his hallucinations are just weird to watch, and hard to follow. Sometimes I laughed just wondering what was going on, and I couldn't tell if I was meant to at all. The acting is good, and the script is impressive, yet the plot is nothing special and extremely unrealistic, I'm not saying that's a big issue however. It was amusing at least, the story was ok but an interesting watch, although it's nothing overly special. Overall it's a ok movie, it's still in my genre, but maybe just not my style I guess. Don't know why I didn't find it as good as I thought it would be, but glad I can say I've seen it now at least.
August 17, 2016
Entertaining throughout with dazzling sequences and witty dialogue, The Big Lebowski presents a full throttle Coen brothers trademark in cinema, displaying two excellent and hilarious performances from Jeff Bridges and John Goodman.
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