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Big Momma's House Quotes

  • Big Momma: SHERRY, say goodnight to MR RAWLEY
    Big Momma: Sherri say good night to Mr. Rawley!

  • Ben: Oh, I'm sorry. Ben Rawley's the name. Pleased to meet you.
    Sherry: Sherry.
    Ben: Oh, okay.

  • Ben: You can run, but you can't hide!

  • Malcolm Turner: You better get that nasty-ass tongue back in your mouth before I rip it out!
    Ben: Yes, ma'am! My mouth is closed! But these hands is open for business.


  • John: No! You cannot go in there, nope.
    Big Momma: You're telling me that I can't go into my own house?!
    John: No! I'm telling you, you cannot go in there without giving me a big, Southern welcome!

  • Big Momma: Now listen, either I can go around you, or I can go through you. Which ever one you decide.

  • Malcolm Turner: Trent's so smart. Trent's so cute. Trent knows Karate.
    Trent: I know a little bit.

  • Big Momma: [Singing] Oh happy day/ When Jesus washed/ I'm so glad that he washed/ He washed my sins away

  • Big Momma: Let me just make it to the bathroom before I lose my bowels all over myself!

  • Big Momma: Now if you want a second helpin', let me know 'cause I got two knees! 'Cause I got to go!

  • John: I think I need a splint, or something. Just-- I'll be all right.

  • Malcolm Turner: I done seen a lot of scary shit in my day. But damn, that was a lot of ass!

  • John: I used to be married, but not anymore.
    Sadie: Is your wife with Jesus now?
    John: Actually, the guy's name was pronounced "Hey-soos." He was the gardner, and one day I caught him spreading some fertilizer around the bedroom, if you know what I mean.

  • John: I'm a married man, I'm not used to this much attention.

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