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September 29, 2013
The film Kirk Douglas did for free to get his contact cancelled from Jack Warner from Warner Bros & it is surprisingly a good film. Filled with some stunning photography of the Redlands area in California & lush landscapes.

The story of logging man & his unethical approach to business & his greed for more & more. The locations & the trees are the real draw card to this film.

The film also contains quite a dramatic ending that wouldn't have been easy to stage...a must see Timer Drama....
June 26, 2013
Kirk Douglas took no salary in exchange for getting his release from his contract with Warners.
September 11, 2011
good story & great all star cast
½ February 7, 2011
Pretty hokey story starrrng Kirk Dougles as a con man wanting to chop some mighty big trees down. Problem is, there's a quaker colony who live and die (literally as it turns out) for the big trees. So Douglas uses every trick in the book to try to TAKE THEM DOWN, but the Quakers have some tricks up their sleeve too! This is passable, Douglas having a bit of fun as the con-artist, and everyone else just essentially follows his lead mostly.
½ November 8, 2010
Just couldn't get into this one.
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½ November 1, 2010
I found this movie predictable, and it has some bad attempts at humor too. I really wasn't impressed with this story, although I am glad that there were some people who were thinking about the environment back then.
September 18, 2010
½ April 28, 2010
After starting off as a bad-guy, you know Kirk Douglas will finally end a hero. The story isn't exhilerating, but it is interesting and somewhat political, however the adventure of it remains the dominant reason to watch.
April 28, 2010
wow umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is good movie 2 watch.....its got a good cast of actors/actressess thorughout this movie....i think that roy roberts, patrice wymore, kirk douglas, ellen corby, harry cording, john archer, edgar buchanan, alan hale Jr, charles meredith, eve miller play good roles/parts thorughout this movie......i think that kirk douglas/roy roberts play good roles throughout this movie.......i think that the director of this classics/western/drama movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect thorughout this movie....i think that this is a really good western movie 2 watch with a great cast thorughout this movie....its a brilliant western movie its got a great cast thorughout this movie....i think that this is a great classics movie 2 watch with a brilliant cast thorughout this movie
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½ April 24, 2010
Conventional western set in Northern California with Kirk the ruthless swindler amidst colorful settings and a good supporting cast. If you like westerns this one isn't bad but it's not particularly memorable either.
½ August 22, 2009
A good, solid movie.
June 16, 2009
I really like this movie... it's old and has quirks of older movies. But the story line is classic. And you gotta love people trying to save trees and trying to worship as they please. A good see.
June 15, 2008
Good movie about Kirk Douglas as a scrupulous man who will stop at nothing to become a millionaire. in the end this film actually has a few decent action scenes and suspense, but ultimately this is a drama and a morality tale with a great cast.the script was good , even if the dialog was tedious at times.
December 21, 2007
This Kirk Douglas is better than his sons.
April 27, 2006
...but entertaining western. Good performance by Kirk Douglas.
April 7, 2006
Good Kirk Douglas movie. Fine performance. Very interesting story, well done.
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