Big Trouble in Little China Reviews

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March 17, 2004
Big rave in little blurb!
March 10, 2004
November 27, 2003
October 29, 2003
I really hated this.
October 17, 2003
July 16, 2003
July 10, 2003
Jack Burton is my guardo camino.
May 21, 2003
An upscale send-up.
May 12, 2003
Loads of fun from the usually strained John Carpenter.
April 28, 2003
A misunderstood, underrated blast of a movie from genre king John Carpenter. As imaginitive and fun as anything he's done.
November 7, 2002
Kung fu, monsters, sorcery, 18-wheelers, swordfights and world-saving heroics against impossible odds: What more could you want?
August 19, 2002
Campy as heck but a lot of fun, too.
August 10, 2002
A inspired and slightly unhinged homage to grindhouse B-moviemaking.
July 31, 2002
June 27, 2001
The film is probably best characterized by a comment from a review quoted in the DVD commentary by Kurt Russell: 'Absolutely fabulous and terminally hip.'
June 9, 2001
I saw Kurt Russell in lipstick armed with a bowie knife and thought, "Super-duper."
May 18, 2001
...all action from the word go, with almost none of it generating any excitement, suspense, or humor.
May 15, 2001
an immensely enjoyable mess, one whose sheer energy and inventiveness outweighs its numerous flaws
May 12, 2001
On the commentary track, Russell and Carpenter provide one of the best bantering sessions I've ever heard
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