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January 7, 2019
Fantastic.. Inspirational.. And true to origin.. Great imagery..
January 1, 2019
This is a really inspiring story pretty true the real historical event!
It was wartime so it has a lot of violence in it but a good and interesting message.
i think it is more of +14 years old movie otherwise it is an inspiring one !! <3
January 1, 2019
its such a beautifull movie great
December 29, 2018
Great movie the animation is gorgeous and the plot is entertaining
August 4, 2018
Pretty unusual animated movie. Fairly long storyline talking about God, greed, slavery and worldliness. ?? initially from the the movie title, I thought this was a Indian Bollywood movie. The animation visual is colourful and bright..
½ July 12, 2018
The most impressive thing about this otherwise forgettable film is the shilled propaganda on a level equalling Yip Man. I can almost hear the investors: "Here's 20 million to make The Prince of Egypt, only about Islam in stead of about Christianity. And here's 10 million to pay people to write favourable reviews on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes."
½ June 17, 2018
Entertaining, visually stimulationg, valuable work of art !
10/10 for a 1st production of Barajon
A story that left me thirsty to know more about the great events that took place in history..a story of great values ! Something we miss in today's animated production..story that was told so well it drives you to go and google those characters you got attached to throughout the movie & read their real biography! Brilliantly built the character of Bilal to truly bring to life a new bread of heroes. One might argue if its content is appropriate to age groups !? As all heroes stories it contain suffering from injustice at a point of their life ( it reflects real life)..but I think it should be judged from a psychological point of view according to the audience background. As a grownup I Thank you barajon production for such a joyful, educational, meangful & visually stimulating content ..can't wsit to watch more of your great work..
March 24, 2018
I love the message of this film!
March 23, 2018
i really like this film
March 23, 2018
Bilal was an amazing movie.. great characters, visuals and story. the only downside in this movie in my opinion is the animations, they were not bad at all, but sometimes they felt a bit clunky, especially in the fight scenes.. overall a great movie, would recomend watching it because it is.... awesometacular
March 11, 2018
Very EMOTIONAL movie, i love it
March 8, 2018
Bilal is certainly one of the best animated feature films of the year,
February 25, 2018
Excellent movie. Would love to see more like this.
February 24, 2018
Wonderfu movie. I loved it.
February 17, 2018
Amazing visuals. The story is well written and filled great metaphors. It's the perfect children's historical animation. It's A Must See!
February 15, 2018
It's honestly a very visually and auditory stunning, very thoughtful movie that will appeal to adults, and also entertain kids. There's a good bit of humor, and also some non-explicit battles and war scenes. Both muslims and non-muslims can appreciate the film, which focuses on the liberation and equality aspects of the early Muslim community and religious community. Muhammad is not depicted and mentioned/depicted only in passing - however, I found the focus on some of the other figures in the early ummah a welcome change. I will definitely be sharing this movie with future generations, It's nice to have a values-focused family film that is inclusive, but also deals with the realities of our current world.
½ February 15, 2018
As a movie it is well made. But it is not historically accurate.
February 13, 2018
Glad I watched it, never knew about Bilal and his journey! Awesome animation and details, love the cinematic shots, can't believe some of the scenes, something you have to see on the big screen, especially the battle scene (no spoilers), never ever seen something like that before! Truly amazing! Not sure why some critics gave it a low score, perhaps they're not used to seeing a black man as the hero and a film coming from the middle east! All I can say is go check it out and be the judge for yourself! Very worthwhile on the big screen!
February 12, 2018
The best animation movie ever, I liked ??????????????????????????????
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